Do you believe in aliens?


I searched for this and nothing came up, if I missed something I apologize and please post the link.

Well, do you? have you ever seen anything?I remember me and a buddy and my girlfriend were hanging out in the backyard smoking cigarettes and all of a sudden I saw this weird really vibrant green dot in the sky with like a purple mist surrounding it, and it shot across the sky super fast and then it disappeared. I know I wasn’t crazy because we all saw it. Just curious if you guys have ever seen anything like that.
ps. inb4 ancient aliens memes




Are you sure those were cigarettes you were smoking?


I was abducted by them.



Statistically they should exist. But until we make first contact and then establish whether or not we like each other, why kill yourself over it.


Your experience sounds like you saw a meteor shooting/fizzling in the atmosphere. If you check out the odds/probabilities of life in other galaxies it’s just way too high for us to be the only planet with life. Now if they’ve physically visited here is another story. Tough question, especially when you start bringing up other possibilities beyond traditional space travel as we know it such as interdimensional travel. What we think of as aliens could be beings from another realm, not just beings from other planets.


I believe in illegal aliens.


It’s fairly arrogant to believe that Earth is the only rock in the universe with intelligent life on it. As for whether they’ve been to this planet… probably not, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that were the case. Considering that the earth is ~4.5 Billion Years old and our recorded history is ~5000 that’s a hell of a small window to catch a visitor. Looking at the Earth as having existed for 24 hours that’s ~.09 seconds of a window to catch something in your backyard.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if the “Civilization on Mars” theory were true. I doubt that it went through the evolutionary process that Earth did, but I guess it’s possible that an uber civilized species may have used it as a pitstop, or occupied it for whatever reason at one time.



This sounds like a meteor, but to answer your question…

Yes. Somewhere out there there is life. Green and bug-eyed, no. But life’s gotta be out there. :tup:


universe is very large

therefore yes there are other life forms out there

will we ever see evidence of them in our lifetime? prob not.

but we might find microbial life in our solar system on the moons of jupiter imo


I don’t see how you can’t think that there are intelligent lifeforms somewhere in the universe unless you’re all like “the bible doesn’t say anything about aliens.”



will I ever get to meet one? HIGHLY doubt it.


Universe is astronomically huge. It’s foolish to think that life only occurred on one planet out of countless others. As for Aliens coming down and abducting people?



Of course there are aliens, the universe is infinite. Thats like going to the ocean with a solo cup, then taking a scoop of water and not finding any whales in the cup.


Having spent eternity traversing the very fabric of existence, I have sadly affirmed that there is no such thing as aliens. Life itself only resides in my ever expanding consciousness. What a lonely universe this is. To pass time I have created a single dot of temporal reality where I converse with myself. These alts of mine have elaborate backstories and most of them will argue to the death that they are in fact, not me, and I, in turn, act like they are not me. It’s humorous, though bordering on psychosis.

Carry on, my children.


Your avatar is the most disgusting and disturbing thing I have ever seen on this site. My hat is off to you sir. Or madam.



If you want to see aliens, just drive in front of your local Home Depot/Lowe’s/popular hardware store.

Or watch a KOF stream.


I want to believe


Yes. But they are most likely so far away from us that the human race might go extinct well before they ever develop the necessary technology to make it here.