Do you chain using the turbo?

Hi, i had a real hard time trying to link jabs or shorts in AE trial session (playing with Bison)

so i switched on the turbo on the fightpad and it worked like a charm, i did 4hit LK or LP combos without effort

so i’m asking you, do you use the turbo function and is it alright to do so ? is there something wrong with me if i can’t tap the button fast enough ?

There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s more just timing than pressing the buttons fast enough. But don’t use turbo. Even suggesting you might use turbo is like painting a big, red crosshair of hate right on your face, and the gun will shoot pee at you endlessly.
It’ll make you a bad player, don’t use it.

Really hope this is a troll thread.

But seriously don’t do it. It’s illegal in tournaments and doing it online will generate much disrespect in your direction

There’s nothing wrong with you per se, but turbo is simply a crutch - not to mention a really bad one, considering it’s nigh useless later on, banned from tournaments and hated online - that will eventually damper your progress as a player.

Make an effort and try actually learning the links, otherwise you’ll never improve.

alright i wont use the turbo, but guess what: i tried doing jab and short chains with Akuma and it worked like a charm !! no taping pace problem like with Bison

gosh now i’m thinking of switching to Akuma as my main lol

Your problem is most likely Bison’s c.LKs, which cannot be chained.

nah, never even used the turbo thing. Pointless move by madcatz and anyone else for that matter, imo

yes they can, up to 4hit actually (with the turbo on)

try plinking or something

he’s new so he doesn’t know turbo is banned in tournies. Be nice, he isn’t trolling.

However I like to take this opportunity to ask my own question

I have flawless execution offline with my Bison’s crouch light kick and I don’t even plink, but my connection is almost always too slow to do it online.

Would it be wrong to turn turbo on when I fight mashing scrubs? I mean people can’t mash me out of my combos offline, so it’s actually more legit that way isn’t it? trollface

I never tried that… so this brings me to my next question.
Would turbo still not even save me if my connection is slow? (It drops 59% packets on average and I almost never get green.)

Those are links, not chains.

yeah his punches are chains… the ones that you can kinda mash without strict timing. Crouch light kick is a link

whats the difference between link and chain ?

Linking actually takes timing.

i see, thx

alright i managed to chain the LK (3hit) without the turbo, but you have to press the button so fast its practically undoable in a real match

I always wondered why TE sticks have a turbo feature…

You’re not supposed to mash it. Three clean presses, linked together. Do a c.LK then try pressing LK again once the move ends. If nothing comes out, press later, if it comes out but it’s blocked, press earlier. Eventually you’ll get the timing down.

It’s very possible in a real match.

Check this video out. It has many other Bison combos you can do.