Do you claw throw?

I do when im fairly certain i cant lose round 2 to the guy since theres always round 3 anyways. although i find a srk motion very awkward on vega so sometimes i fail… lol

finish em with a bloody high… fist?


The old claw-toss > Taunt 2 is practically a common occurance among those of us who like to be a jackass and taunt.

P.S. Was a new thread REALLY necessary for this? We have a social thread that you can ask this in you know =/

meh, was it really unnecessary?

Technically yes it was very unnecessary. Why? Because there is a question thread where you ask your questions. Even if it was a question like how do i beat Ryu, it would still be unnecessary thread, you could ask in the match up thread or question thread.

I hate both of you



I use equipment throw. It’s really a lost art among us Vega mainers. I think that people don’t realize how essential of a strat this is to Vega’s offense/defense. On which to use is opponent/character/situation dependent so you must be aware of the circumstances that you have been presented. Let’s analyze shall we?

Mask throw
? Damage boost
? Faster walkspeed
? Faster jump arc
? More susceptible to overheads(because Head is exposed)
? Face is exposed(arguably a buff and not a nerf)
? Vitality reduction

Okay so with all of those factors in mind(alot huh?) you must be careful with how you use this game changer. This move actually inspired what you now know as “X-Factor” from MvC3(AKA KFC[Yeah Vega’s quite the trendsetter]). So yeah you’ll want to be careful against characters that do big damage like Sakura, Honda, Dudley. And you’ll want to use this against characters that would be attracted to Vega(who is isn’t right?). But yes some are more susceptible to homosexuality/being seduced by Vega’s face. So you’ll want to use it against characters like Gief, Dan, or yes… Bison. So be wise when using the mask throw.

Okay so here you’ll see this Vega using the mask throw to PERFECTION(2:08)

And here you’ll see the claw throw used in [media=youtube]BYl9BTZazO4"[/media] so great fashion.(7:45)

And here you’ll see it used in a [media=youtube]rLuGXycuY-U"[/media]

So as you can see, this thread was necessary.

I love you, Jam <3

Let your emotion guide you young one. Use your hate, use it and strike me down. Fulfil your destiny and join teh DARK SIDE!!!

Can we get this thread stickied?

you are awesome. Vega himself would find your post a work of exquisite beauty.

How about for the sake of not being a troll, lets turn this thread into something constructive.

I talked about this last year around this time, but never really took off.

Would you agree with taking the mask of in matches that consist of single poke footsie war’s (NO not against characters that try and get in ala rush down, but characters like Chun-Li, Balrog, Ryu, etc) to try and finish the game as fast as possible?

honestly id never mask throw unless the guy sucked… its lame that it costs 2ex moves…

What game are you playing? Its 1 bar. You would be surprised how fast you can make a footsie match into a V, when you use this.

I’d rather conserve my meter for better combos. At the end of it, I can footsie my way in to get in a heck of a lot more damage and I’d rather have all of the meter I can at the time to finish things quick.
A lot more damage is going to come from an untechable knockdown of EX FBA than Mask throw in some matches.

Besides, you accidentally walk over your mask again and boom, back to where we were.

Though I think one match I WOULD use this in, would be against Dudley. Because I use absolutely nothing but pokes and footsies in that match, so with the + damage, it would probably be beneficial.
Only downside is Dudley does a fuck tonne of damage, so while I’m confident in the matchup that I can keep him out all day, there’s still a risk.

@Pedo: Awww, you’re no fun. It’s been a while since we’ve had something to troll in the Vega boards.

does throwing your claw/mask reset the amount of hits you can take before they fall off?

also does anyone wish that mask/claw throw be used as offensive weapon, throw it cross screen like a projectile, thatd be pretty funny.


It would be hilarious, even if it acted like Dudley’s rose throw and reset people.

This match seems Tatsu goes all-out , but exciting so much can lead to pathetic lose @.@

what are the the exact pro and con of mask and claw besides the obvious. mask off 10% damage, 10% reduction Stamina, claw on range without claw less range and damage 10% reduction

That and a waste of meter is pretty much it iirc.