Do you consider this a sport?

Do you guys consider fighting games a sport?

Yes? No? Why?

Hey if playing CS or SC or WC3 in South Korea is a sport that pays handsomely, then yes I consider fighting games as one too. Sadly they don’t get any recognition, players don’t get paid as much as FPS or RTS players and our genre is just a niche now. =/

We need a channel solely for fighting games, im jealous of the starcraft channel in s.korea

Practically is a sport in japan, although they don’t get paid average amounts of money for playing. Like koreans got paid 20,000 a year from sponsors and ish for SC. INSANE!!

…it’s probably never gonna be a sport here, but it is in other countries…

…of course, ESPN2 has shown Magic: The Gathering tournies, w/ play by play…


what you guys have listed are all games

like chess

like backgammon

like bridge

by my definition, none of the things mentioned are sports

a sport is something that requires some actual physical activity, and/or body displacement, in addition to being played by a set of rules and is played competitively.

Video games etc fit the bill for 2 of the 3 criteria imho

fighting games dont require physical activity?

what about bowling?

What pisses me of is that ESPN has lately show non-sport activities (chess, cutting log, pool, poker) :mad: and people say that ESPN is the sports channel, those SOBs. If they put that kind of shit on and get away with it, they should put fighting games.

i dunno man, i was watchin this log cuttin competition n it was intense. they had to climb a log using rope n spike shoes and had to cut the top of the log. they fuckin flew.

i meant the one where they stand in front of the croud and cut a log with a chain saw.

Don’t kid yourself, this isnt a sport. Bowling isnt a sport, pool isnt a sport, poker isnt. Starcraft, warcraft and counterstrike definitely arent.

why cant it be a sport?

what makes football and baseball sports, but not those?

i guess it depends on your definition of sport.

I don’t think there’s any real set definition of “sport” out there. Take the definition Bingo offered. Where do bowling, auto racing, and golf fit in? Bowling, for one, requires almost no body displacement of physical activity. Auto racing requires little physical activity and, while the car the body is in moves a great distance, the body itself moves just as much as it does while playing fighting games, that is, not at all. And golf, if you play with carts, requires only that you stand up and swing and then sit back down. And yet all of those are considered sports in America. They aren’t considered sports in some other places, though.

I think sport is whatever the society deems it to be. In Switzerland sport includes two guys reaching around each other and grabbing each other’s ass and trying to throw the other guy down. In Canada and Scotland sport includes sliding a stone done a sheet of ice and sweeping the ice with brooms in front of the stone to guide it to a certain area. In France, bycicling is a sport. In Mexico, throwing a small ball around at extremely high speeds with hard curved gloves is considered a sport. In Spain, sport involves impaling a bull and having it charge after a guy with a red cape. In Korea, sitting at a computer with a keyboard and mouse and creating and moving miniature armies around is a sport. Here’s, none of those things are considered “real sports”. And yet bowling and auto racing are. It’s just arbitrary. It’s whatever the society, for whatever reason, has come to agree a sport should be. In America, video games just aren’t considered sports.

espn 2 doesnt show in my bedroom :mad: im too lazy to walk outside to the living room.

I disagree with your assessment of auto racing. I’m not a fan but I understand what the physical demands are. Imagine being on a roller coaster for 3 hours and having to steer at the same time. The g force that those drivers go through requires extreme physical endurance.

First you have to define what ‘sport’ is.

I think the best definition is: “Any competition in which winning is based on the strength, speed, precision, or grace of one’s own body movements.”

That being said, I think fighting games would qualify as a sport. You have to be able to execute using your hands and fingers. Some would say “SF is a game not a sport; it’s a video game!” This is pretty much the same argument they use with autoracing, that the equipment matters more in SF and autoracing. While the equipment definitely matters, SF players and racecar drivers still use their bodies to win.

I would go so far as to say that even poker could be called a sport. While lots of the strategy is based on knowing the odds and bluffing, you can also read other people’s “tells” to gain an advantage. So if you can eliminate your own “tells,” you gain another advantage.

Also, we shouldn’t be alarmed by what ESPN decides to show, whether we think it’s sport or not. ESPN will show whatever competition is popular noW.


it’s a sport cuz joe does it, and he’s a BALLER.

I’ll also agree with Optiks. Autoracing (especially F1 racing) have to be very physically fit as their bodies take unbelievable amounts of force.

It looks easy but it isn’t.

Fighting games a sport?

Don’t make me laugh.

It’s a fucking game. Nothing more.

I love hoez.

What is practicing A-bison or A-Sakura. It’s cardio-coordination training.