Do you consider yourself an OG member?


Well, SRK is pretty old at this point. Lately, we’ve seen the term “OG” be thrown a lot within the past couple of years (especially in 09).

So I ask this question to the community: what qualities make you an OG on SRK? And most of all, do you consider yourself as OG member?


I think the important question to ask is if you were here before SFIV was.


the real OG’s lurk.

< — Oct 2000


No :frowning:


My first account was from 03, back on the old forums before the reboot.

So I remember stuff like Bloofy, Akumachan, STA, forum wars, Azrael, rampant racism againt black females, ect.



I’d have registered in 2000 if I knew what the hell happened with It was there one day, gone the next. It was all “we’ll be back soon.”(This was a lie)


Yep, sure do. Sept 10 2001 I registered here and proceeded to lurk.


Same. I miss Az.



I played on and off since the beginning of time. you are an OG if you know about evo before it was evo(B3). yes I played street fighter like 15 years ago…:coffee:


Guilty as charged! 2002 if weren’t because of the crash.


I remember you talking shit with some other guy on the CVS2 forums(even taking it to youtube)…when that section was active.




real ogs don’t brag about being og.

<2002 year of the crash


Azrael? As in big black man Azrael? As in Azrael who moved to Japan?
As in this Azrael?

Apparently he still [S]lurks[/S] visits here.


I still call my arcade stick…an arcade stick.


Nope. Never claimed to be either. I still don’t get folks who pay just to have their join dates changed.

P.S. That said, anyone else make a distinction between those who were here when we had rep and those who came after?


some guy…I talked shit to lot of people…could have been anyone loool

all I remember was shitting on the ‘johnson bros’ and the ranked #1 who was TERRIBLE. here let me look up videos for old time’s sake :rofl: found one


Thanks, but why am I notable?


brownie points to those who knew what GPOW was.


Gouki’s page of whatever…I used to frequent that site when I joined SRK.

Now give me my pastry!!!