Do you cut your pubic hair?


Do you cut it?


i jerry curl it


If I don’t got a girl, no. If I’m expecting action. then yes.


Who the fuck doesn’t? If I didn’t I’d have the itchiest smelliest dicksized afro in the history of man.


Yo dick fros are not cool people.

Also clap clap again SRK


i trim my pubes.

whats wrong with that?


thats what i usually did…decided while i had my hair buzzer to bald the eagle and pinch cut my sack…leaking blood allover the place


Don’t matter if you’re expecting any or not… gotta stay nicely groomed and ready.

I use a 1 clip… then I cut other people’s hair with it.


Do expect the girls that you hook up with to maintain their bush too? It’s also just good hygiene.


I shave my initials into it. Shit’s baller.


How do you initial Valaris? Because just a “V” by itself would look kinda odd.


Yeah, of course. It gets itchy otherwise and no girl will like it unkept.


My real name.


Holy fuck SRK what is wrong with you…


I mainly do it so it doesn’t itch like a bitch. The part that makes it look more stylish is just a bonus, along with the hygiene bonus.


No one believes that. NO ONE. Not even Hayden.


No one believes what?


Lol it depends on age, and married or single.

Over 35 and married… Probably not… Shit was gay when you were 18.
Over 35 and single… Probably a yes since you want to have sex with the younger generation… Or atleast would like to think you may one day be hittin some young stuff.

Under 30… A part of the younger generation… Your shit is clipped and you are a justin bieber fan… The world sucks but atleast you have free porn and chicks think its cool to let you give them facials.



my scrotum has the most lovely dreads.


That you would adorn your own flesh with your real name instead of VALARIS.

Fucking vomits