Do YOU do any Martial Arts?


We play fighting games, so obviously, we must do martial arts, right?!

Well, Some of us do…

Anyway, What’s your Martial Art of choice? And if you have a representation of your rank, what is it?

I do Tae Kwon Do mainly. My Axe kick is top notch and I’ve almost made it to where I can do the 180 Degree Kick. My current belt Rank is Red Belt (but I test Friday for Red Tip), and I’m Three belts away from being a 1st Dan. Hwoarang inspired me to take Tae Kwon Do, and amazingly enough, a lot of his moves I’ve done at my Do-Jang (Rough Korean Translation for Tae Kwon Do Gym). I’ve yet to Master the Hunting Hawk though. >_>; But I’ve almost got his 10-Hit-Combo!

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I know Shaq Fu…

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Used to train at a boxing gym. Did a few kickboxing classes, too. I’ve never really seriously practiced a disipline, though. I should have gotten into karate or something when I was younger. I guess it’s never too late.


Trained at kyokushin karate for awhile, now training in muay thai and boxing.

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My dad put me in Tae Kwon Do when I was younger. It was cool, but back then I was lazy and didn’t like sparring so I whined and complained my way out of going to my mom until I moved away from the dojo. Now that I’m older, I actually wouldn’t mind taking it up again, especially since I started eating right and exercising and getting some weight loss out of it.


I was trained by Bendejo in the art of Pedo Sucio.


So we got a Boxer/Kickboxer, someone who practiced Kyokushin Karate and who now does Muay Thai, And someone who’d like to take back up Tae Kwon Do. Very nice.


3rd Dan ITF Taekwon-Do. And I mix that up with a session of MMA every week, since ITF is dying and most schools just don’t train hard anymore. MMA covers my clinchwork, TKD is great for striking, since it’s more or less old-school kickboxing when you take away the ITF ruleset.


Took Tae Kwon Do as a kid. Come to think of it, it was a pretty big rip off because I still can’t shoot fireballs out of my feet.


so we’re just gonna pretend we dont have a long running mma thread.


You gotta find those Old Grandmasters Tim, they teach the real shit, ITF isn’t quite as good.




Goju ryu karate do. Been going at it for 9 years now.


I’ve been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai for a little over a year and a half now. I’ve always wanted to take up a martial art as a kid but my parents never put me in anything. Since I was able to pay for my own classes once I got a job at 19, I’ve been training since. I help teach the juniors (ages 7-12) classes too, and am incredibly envious of their skills. I just hope they remain committed to adulthood.


I always had a liking for martial arts ever since I played Tekken 3. I remember I would always imitate Xiaoyu’s Phoenix Stance.

I took TKD from the time I was 11 til I was 16, and I eventually stopped at three belts away from black at that time because of time constraints and that I was simply losing interest. That being said, I was pretty good in it, and my instructor told me I had to control my power. When I started playing SF4, my interest in fighting picked up and I took Karate for a little while when I started college two years ago, but I left mostly because I didn’t like the sensei’s methods of teaching. Last semester, I took a Tai Chi class as a gpa fodder, probably one of the best decisions I ever made even though it didn’t end up being a fodder. This fall, I’m looking to learn Monkey Kung Fu, specifically Hou Quan along with maybe some staff training since it’s the only weapon you can go out on the street with.


Practiced Karate for about a year when I was 5 then I just stopped for some reason. Thinking about getting into Kenpo/Kung Fu in the future once I become more fit with further use of Insanity. I’m also thinking about trying out Kendo as well since San Diego has a Kendo Dojo IIRC.


i did judo for a while and a little bjj but i got a hernia and needed surgery. by the time i recovered i was so out of shape that i couldn’t do it anymore :sad:


I don’t know how many times this topic or some sort of iteration has appeared in GD. I sure as hell have lost count…


I have over 20 years of MA experience. The Original Mixed Martial Arts.
Tae Kwon Do - black belt.
Cobra Kung Fu - Brown sash
Jujitsu - Martial Studies
Goju-Ryu Karate Do- weapons mostly
Muay Thai - Full contact training and tourny.
Special Forces Attack Training - Martial Studies
Model Mugging Teacher Certified
Child Endangerment Teacher Certified
Gymnastics through High School
Sho Ryu Ninjutsu - Martial Studies

Then got a career, married, got some very bad injuries. and now it is all gone. 10 years of no martial arts. every couple of years i find someone very into it. and i go sparring for a weekend. or special guest at there schools. But nothing hard core anymore. And most MMA schools i have seen in the past 5 years teach garbage Pit fighting, no discipline, or technique.


derrr for one that’s mixed, for two the mma thread is about mma fighters, not srk mmaers

I don’t do any, but I wonder about something. pertaining to the law and fighting training. how skilled do you have to be in order for your fighting ability to be considered a weapon? also… if you built up fighting skills outside of a training institution, could they still consider it to be a weapon even if it’s not a recognizable style? been wondering those two things for a while