Do YOU do any Martial Arts?


You’re still don’t get it. You can go to a Sanda school, and learn it, without ever having set foot in a Kung Fu school.

Or, as is more common outside China, you can go to a Kung Fu school, and practice Sanda as part of your regular sparring. I fall into the latter, as organised Sanda simply isn’t a thing in Australia. So yes, I train for Sanda rules.

LOOOLLLLLLL. Sanda explicitly does NOT kick Thai style, at least for the roundhouse, because because Thai roundhouses are easier to grab. Remember that unlike MT, all throws are legal, hence in Sanda the kicks are generally snappier to minimise the chance of them being grabbed.

Pure Sanda uses boxing for hands, but those who train traditional stuff end up using longer punches and deeper stances. You can often tell the difference between a pure Sanda fighter and someone who is coming in from KF.

Re traditional stuff being applied for Sanda, I’ll just let some of my elders explain.

[details=Spoiler] - You’ll hear several of the names I used before. - one of my senior instructors from Cali, who competes in amateur Muay Thai. Some footage of stuff that’s not KF/Sanda/MT, but whatever. Still trying to get the MT footage, but hey, ask him yourself. - Instructor from the school of the first two videos. Sao choys all over the place here.[/details]

But Wasted, this looks just like boxing and Muay Thai!!!

No. Fucking. Shit. When you go back to the basics, everything looks similar to everything else.

So…you’re saying I don’t use mitts, speedballs or heavy bags? BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

Sanda doesn’t wear Thai shorts specifically, at least, it doesn’t call for them in their regulations. People just buy Thai shorts out of convenience. By your logic, all MMA fighters or kickboxers wear Muay Thai shorts, which would also be wrong.

LOL STFU. You asked for kung fu techniques, and I gave them to you. I never claimed anything was specific to Kung Fu. I only ever claimed the Chinese have been doing exactly the same shit as everyone else.

You’re pissed because you were expecting some high flying movie bullshit, but the reality is that KF looks just like a combat sport in practice.

Only if said Kung Fu fighter doesn’t train to fight.


That’s going to depend on the style. In Choy Li Fut for example, we don’t care that much about the attacking tool, but the angle. If I have gloves, I can’t open hand you, I can’t do the funky animal stuff, but that doesn’t matter, because I can still attack from the same angles, similar to a boxer.

Shaolin was originally designed as a method of exercise, based on Yoga postures, and Kalaripayattu from India. Any martial application was secondary. As time went on, people started their own schools and stuff, not necessarily for self-defense. Then you had the tradition of the lei tai fights, which were no rules competitions on raised platforms (which is where Sanda today gets the idea from). And of course you had the people who just learned to fight on the battlefield or whatever and taught martial arts for a living in peacetime. Weapons were much more important back then, and outside lei tai events, organised sport fighting wasn’t a thing (well, shuai jiao and wrestling maybe), which is something the Thais definitely have the advantage of.

You’re exactly right about blocking. We all know that most blocks don’t really have a place once two fighters are squared up. They’re really intended more as a last resort or response to a surprise. Way too much emphasis is put on blocking in traditional training, IMO.

It will be less about the technique, and more the way the body behaves. Hence why you can easily spot a karateka with their super snappy rear punches, or a boxer by their tight trunk movement and footwork.


Please fucking stop with your stupidity, do you even notice that you deny everything I say then admit that I was right in the exact same post, haha. No one in that video is using kungfu techniques.

Secondly these bogus kungfu terms that you named in the “Chinese” language were grabbed right out of your ass. You still need to prove to us that they’re actually Kungfu techniques used in Sanda. Don’t even think I’m going to let you off the hook with that.

You’re so stupid that you’ll literally quote something I said and claim I said something I didn’t say within that quote because you can’t fault my arguments, LOL. You really expect me to take you seriously. Kungfu doesn’t work… Move on.


Open palm strikes are not as effective as punching and they never will be. Secondly open palm strike are allowed in MMA. Also boxers parry all the time, gloves do not hinder parrying. The reason I say your talking complete nonsense is because of Vale Tudo… which has damn near no rules and they don’t wear gloves. Believe me Kungfu fighters would fare much worse in Vale Tudo tournaments than in the UFC.
I gurantee that if you put a boxer with gloves up against a Kungfu specialist without gloves, the Kungfu fighter wont be able to block or parry anything. The boxer will end the fight fairly quickly. Boxing is brutal and straight to the point,

In black belt magazine in the late 80’s to the early 90’s they measured the punching power of various martial arts and combat sports. Unsurprsingly boxers came up on top. The boxers hit much harder than martial arts experts, even when they weighed far less. Some martial arts deliver the same moves more efficiently than others. Boxer also know how to evade and block punches far better than other martial arts because of consistent sparring against different sized opponents.


>Posts some of the highest ranking and experienced instructors in Choy Li Fut
>Posts footage of the founder’s school using Cantonese terms



Gloves definitely don’t hinder parrying, I agree. If anything they make it easier as it gives you a bigger surface to use. It’s also easier to grab legs with gloves on thanks to their hooked shape.

And yet…open hands, or closed fists using the palm, were preferred in old-time irish boxing as well as pankration. Open hands are allowed in MMA, but because the wrist is bound, you have little incentive to use them. The protection from the gloves gives people incentive to use their knuckles.

There’s a reason that even the Greeks and Romans bound their fists - because their hands needed the protection.

Take away gloves and you’ll see much more open hand. Rogan and Rutten have talked about this before.

Also just for fun, untrained open hands are better than untrained fists. For complete scrubs, it’s better to use open hands. You have a larger striking surface and your whole arm can be relaxed, increasing the whip put into the strike.

Who’d have thought that a punching specialist would have better punches than a non-specialist…


Open palm strikes are as effective as punches pancrase showed that.

With open palm strikes in close quarters you can deliver ko blows. You are also less likely to break your hand because the heel of the palm is more attune to absorb a blow than the fist. This is just for my taste. I would like to see more palm strikes in mma, but rules are shakey when it comes to striking.

Also don’t take that guy seriously he did a couple no contact karate classes and now thinks he’s an expert in breaking down martial arts. He is the same guy who said boxing was useless and his soft ass karate was superior.

A punch is a punch, but a boxer is a more efficient puncher than a karateka. Look no further than floyd/mcgregor

Rashad Evans is a wrestler who cross trains. Lyoto Machida is a karate practitioner who cross trains. Evans is gun shy and backs up lyoto takes advantage.

Again improving as a martial artist goes with cross training

I love doing grappling because you mix different techniques to fit your physicality, size, style


It’s possible to knock someone out with palm strikes but I haven’t seen it being used effectively consistently enough, especially between high level strikers. but I could imagine switching to open plam strikes if I broke my wrist in a fight.
I’ve watched Bas Rutten use it effectively, he’s the first name that comes to mind but he wasn’t even facing mid level strikers back in his day when he fought in pride. He was the best strikers amongst wrestlers. I’ve noticed that over the years the use of open palm strikes has declined in MMA and I don’t think the rules are shaky enough to be the reason for this.

I’ve always said that full contact boxing and kickboxing sparring with headgear should be compulsory for all martial artists but after having countless arguments with self professed kungfu and Karate experts who claim that boxing and MMA are not effective therefore not worth learning I’ve realised that these people have no interest in cross-train because it exposes aspects of their art that just do not work as a form of self defense.

Yes, I’m finally aware that I’m being trolled. It doesn’t surprise me that people here don’t take him seriously.


I agree its not so much the rules. It’s the equipment. If your hands are taped and gloved, then you can’t open hand as effectively. On the other hand, it makes your knuckles so much solid and protected.

When you have gloves, there is basically no incentive to use open hands.


Taped fist do restrict movement

But honestly in the clinch i would unloaf palm strikes as my short strikes


I can’t tell if this video shows the front entrance of the club from the inside or the outside.
Even with videos like this some people still have a hard time separating martial arts that work to one’s that do not.


All I saw was brawling, basic restraints and the green dude getting rocked with a throat punch.

That and a taser.

Bouncers do good work.