Do you enjoy fighting clones?

Do you feel comfortable fighting your character’s clone?

I dislike fighing clones because I’m afraid to be schooled, having someone to use the same character to pull off better moves and brutally kick my ass.

its always nice to see how differently someone else plays the character i use

^ Seconded

it could go the otherway and you could school them. but if you get owned, its time to take their tricks and put them to your own use

Mirrormatches are freakin’ horrible. I dislike it very much, due to both players knowing the character’s cons/pros. Especially if it’s both player’s best character.

I hope you don’t play marvel.

hate em

I feel like I learn the most about my characters playing mirror matches. Generally, my opp. knows the character a lot better than I do, so I learn about what not to do etc. It’s frustrating to lose to ‘your’ character, but it’s also a good learning experience.

i hate mirror matches. i always try to avoid them if possible

My paladin > yours :arazz:

clones should dissapear in fighters soon…

i hate mirror matches because small mistakes often end up determining the match instead of a superior gameplan, since both characters have the exact same gameplan and the same pros/cons.

Yeah, Rush For Guile FTW!! :razz:

i have utmost respect for dizzy players so i actually don’t mind

the only time i get annoyed is when they take my color :annoy:

Are you talking about Kwonho?

What? That just sounds like evenly matched players, not players playing the same character.

I think mirror matches are excellent learning experiences, and can sometimes be the most difficult, because you tend to anticipate actions from your opponent that would reflect how you would react in the same situation, which is obviously a dangerous assumption. Forces you to read your opponents patterns quickly moreso than any other kind of match. It can be frustrating because scrub tactics might beat you because you would never use those tactics, thus don’t expect them. Good challenge though

I play Baiken, so I hate it a lot.

I lose mirror matches for free, since I don’t know how to fight my own characters.

The only problem i have with fighting against the same character, is those annoying mix-ups during gameplay, where i temporarily forget which guy is mine. That always sucks.

i do the same thing…i dont mind mirror matches…they can be fun depeding on the character…i love remy mirrors and baiken mirrors…