Do you ever go off of a "Gut Feeling"?


I have seen players like Mike Ross and Daigo do things that no one else does, like the most crazy Ultra 1 read through a fireball or FP DP someone on the ground. Honda is the kind of character who I find I need to play insanely defensive and basically never go off a “gut feeling” or else I eat tons of damage. I think it gets very predictable after awhile though. I think I need to start learning how to play more aggressively after figuring people out. I basically have eliminated offensive headbutts and buttslams because I feel it’s too risky, I am even too nervous to jump in on people most of the time. I pretty much allow myself 2 jump ins per round.

I was thinking about it a lot and Mike is known for making insane comebacks with Honda, and Daigo is obviously also known for making comebacks, and I think that is because they do things from a gut feeling sometimes. sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. Daigo talks about not having any sort of playstyle at all which makes a lot of sense. They obviously know the game well but to me sometimes i see these decisions they make and I think “god i would never do that”. And I think when they do these what seem like random jump ins or DPs with low health, the person they are playing against is probably thinking like “ok, theres no way he’s going to do that right now”. I find I get very frantic and panicky when I am in the corner with no health left and time is running out. the fact that they play well from low health I think in their mind they have kind of figured out the opponent at that point and also possess a great ability to remain calm in these situations and actually use it to their advantage.

So yeah, I don’t know if its 100% planned (can you really have a 100% game plan?) maybe everything is quite intentional and in their mind its a great idea to be so risky at times, and maybe I need to loosen up a bit. I just find when I try to make ultra 1 reads it backfires more often than not and my focus would have been better to just try and get a jump in or focus my way in through a fireball or something like that. However one of my fondest memories from tournaments was landing ultra 1 on a DeeJay when I was down 1 game and 1 round with basically no health left through a max-out which allowed me to come back and take the set. Pure gut feeling, but it paid off.

My question to you is, do YOU ever just go off of a gut feeling???


Around 80% of my stuff is ‘gut feeling’ in a match. Frankly that is kind of how Cody HAS to be played I think. Even top Codys like Sasaki or Momochi you see play very much momentum based and often do unexpected things to gain momentum. Ryu has a lot of great stuff for OSing and playing safe so he doesn’t have to be played strictly on gut feeling, and daigo has shown to have quite a number of OSes and setups though the Umeshoryu is still his signature.

Also I find I get more sloppy when the opponent is low on health than I do when I’m low on health or in the corner :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyone does this to some extent at least, though some character require much more of it to do well (Oni for example).

Alot of my gameplay is based of it, the rest is reactionary.


Well with Oni that is only really true of his DP but it is VERY true of his DP and his demon slashes. You have to be sure they are going to do something he can DP because you can’t FADC it. His demon slashes are kind of slow so you have to predict ahead of time more often than not if you want to use it for projectile avoidance or mixups.


At some point, you kind of have to go with a “gut feeling” and try alternate forms of attack. This can be either safe guesses (i.e. I think he’s mashing crouch tech too often, I’m going to go for a frame trap), or really risky guesses (i.e. I do believe Dhalsim is going to do another st.fierce against me, I should uppercut!)

Learning an opponent’s tendencies is an essential part of higher levels of fighting game play. Learning how to PUNISH those tendencies, is an entirely different and much more difficult matter. This can take a lifetime of experience to learn and master, Daigo being an often recited example of this, with his ability to know when to go for uppercuts in older games.

Is this something you should rely on? Lord no. Fundamentals, execution, and strategy, take precedence over this ability to be “psychic.” Relying on your gut feeling alone isn’t going to net you consistent wins, but it’s something that can be utilized in a clutch situation.


With Oni it is also true about when to go for demon palm, as well as the big risk for throwing out a 3 hit fireball. There isn’t really a formula to him, except usually try to get close. He isn’t super powerful even there, so you have to be careful what you choose and at the same time usually very aggressive. If you look at top Oni play, (check out high level video thread in Oni forums, or Wao in general) most of it is on gut feelings and really good reads.


Half the people online do Umeshoryus AKA randomly mashing a DP

That said, yes, I sometimes do some crazy shit which everyone in their right mind would go like ‘theres no way THAT would work’ but it still does sometimes (Stuff like Bison U2 to preemptively fireball punish a Guile right after blocking a full screen sonic boom, etc.)


Sometimes when I play Abel I will roll up EX Fallin Sky for lulz. It’s a risk, but it absolutely shatters opponents mentally if it connects with their attempt to neutral jump a grab.


I definitely think it is character dependent. The best example that comes to mind for me would be Seth. A lot of Seth’s pressure game is very risky and relies on your ability to read your opponent well. Grapplers also have to act off of gut feeling. I personally do not feel confident playing with this style which is why I play Guile :smiley:


Not for the hairdo?


hell yeah all the time

storm air combo to knockdown, i have a feeling shes gonna do typhoonxxhail. wakeup psimitarxxAHVB

85% of the time that works


Forgive the ignorance but is this Injustice? I cant get into that. Its too similar to MK9 to me, which i cant stand. Its a pity there isnt a superhero based game that isnt ridiculous over-the-top like UMVC3 is.


You have to use every tool at your disposal, I find it funny that some people take pride in not mashing for exemple. Mashing is part of the game whether you like it or not, baiting DPs on offense is a major aspect of the game. It’s the same thing as refusing to incorporate tick throws into your gameplay cuz you think it’s cheap.

At this point you’re just playing by your own rules.


It’s Mahvel 2.


Street Fighter is all about gut feelings,patience and practice.


Nah theres nothing wrong with using a reversal thoughtfully and if you read pressure - the thing is, thats not what people do, they dont exactly think like that, at least online. Same with tick throws, they are good if you use them in a clever fashion, but everyone crouch techs or dp mashes while being combod or during a blockstring, nobody can simply hold downback anymore when it comes to online. As for baiting DPs on offense, its only a major aspect of the online SF4, play high PP (or low PP) players who also probably play offline and they will be a lot more cautious, and you wont be baiting shit from them most of the time unless they like to gamble like Daigo or Poongko. If they dont have 2 bars of meter most of the good players probably wont risk eating a full punish combo by getting baited into mashing DP