Do you ever think this game will be dlc on ps3 and 360

do you think it will be or is there a chance?

Every once in a while i go to PS3 store just to see if by any chance it will be there :frowning:

O.o what

and yeah…i think it will happen, not soon though, as long as there’s hype for sf4, i don’t see a likely chance that sf3 will make a comeback just yet (sf4 is much more profitable)

and if they did do it, and did things to tweak the game like hd remixing/rebalancing (ensure every character has a low forward into super or something lol) then i would expect Jesus (provided he’s reclaimed Resurrection off Gill) to hand me the game himself (not that any of that is needed anyways)

I hope they will. I would be ecstatic if they gave the MvC2 treatment, some nice filters to help the sprites deal with HD setups, and at most minor tweaks to the gameplay. Just allow us to play 3S online, and I’m sure it’d do as well as MvC2 or HDR sales wise.

If it comes out for the 360 or ps3 it could possibly eclipse sf4 completely . Capcom wants to get more attention towards SF4 Dash any other street fighter would take peoples interest from it

I don’t think it would necessarily hurt SF4. It would probably enhance 4’s popularity if anything.

I hope not. I would put more time into SF3 than 4.

I dream about the day they announce it. I think there is a pretty good possibility this will happen, hopefully sooner than later.