Do you fear the transition to the sequel of your current game?


First off, I’m no OG in the community, but I’m not some young guy either. I’m nearly 30 and have been playing Street Fighter since World Warrior on the SNES when I was just 9 years old. So I’ve played just about every version of SF there is since the first SF2. But I guess I’m still an 09’er because I didn’t start playing seriously until 2009 and competitively until 2010. So for the past 3 years I’ve dedicated so much time to watching streams, youtube videos, training room, online play, casuals with friends, tournaments, and so on.

Over the years I would sometimes come across people talking about how you didn’t have FADC back then or they wish they could parry or roll in SF4. And I guess we are mid way through SF4’s life span as the latest game in the series. Who knows when but we’ll probably get SF5 sometime during the next generation of consoles, maybe 2014 or 2015. And the thought of that kind of scares me.

Like I said, I’ve put so much time into this game that I’m afraid of having to start from scratch in a new one. As far as I’m concerned, DP’s are safe with two bars. Use light attacks to hit confirm and link into medium or highs and end with a special move. I felt so proud of myself when I could start doing this consistently. Or after a throw, you whiff this normal(s) to set up your safe jump, unblockable, or fake cross up. This is all I’ve ever known.

Before SF4, SF2 to Alpha to SF3 all felt very similar to me. That’s because my friends and I always did the same things and never really learned anything. It was jump back fireball or jump kick sweep fest. So when or if SF5 comes along I have multiple fears. The fear of throwing away a lot of things I’m use to and starting fresh is what I’ve been talking about all this time. But there is also the fear that I’m going to be one of those bitter dudes who hates the new game because it’s not exactly like the previous one even if the majority thinks it’s a good game. And then be one of those 5 guys always entering the old game and having to always promote how great the old game is so people will enter lol.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are about this. Both the guys who started out on SF4(or another newer title) like me or the ones who have been playing competitively for a long time and have dealt with the transition to the newest title of the series they’ve been playing.


The fundamentals of the fighting game genre will still apply to whatever game comes up next. As long as you have a well-developed foundation in the basics, along with a good understanding of of the psychology of a live match against live opponents, then you’ll transition just fine. Plenty of other players have done it well, and so can you. Game mechanics may change, characters may gain or lose certain abilities, and certain aspects may be favored in one game versus another, but as long as your skills as a player are high, then you’ll do fine.

SF2, Alpha, and SF3, are all very, VERY different games, so I’m not sure how you and your friends were playing it. You have to be willing to learn and adapt to changing environments in the gaming industry in order to keep up with modern competition.


Actually, I’m quite looking forward to getting in on the ground floor next time, rather than having to catch three years up on the rest of my scene!

The new game will come out, and I’ll either like it or I won’t - so I’ll either play it or I won’t. Doesn’t faze me. I’ll be just as bad at the next game as I am in this one, anyway!


We played it at a very low level. Yes we all wanted to beat each other, but we never learned the mechanics of these games or how they differed from one series to another. For example, when Turbo came out, I thought the only difference was that you could play the game at a faster pace and the boss characters were available. Super added 4 new characters and ST added super meters. I didn’t know they actually made balance changes in between each version. Hell, even when they released SF Anniversary Collection in the mid 2000’s, whenever we played SF2, we always picked the ST version of the characters because they had super meter. We were really clueless about everything back then.


No, because it’d hopefully be something new and fresh and if it sucked I could just go back to playing the older game or a different game entirely.

It might be hard to go back to an older version of a game but a game that’s a different thing with the same branding and not just an update whatever edition is a whole different kettle of fish, GG2 didn’t kill off GG when it came out did it?

Edit: Ps. Being afraid of putting in time for a new game is weak as hell, sure you will be a noob for a while when it comes out, but so will everyone else, you eat a few losses, learn and get better.


I like having new things to learn and new options to explore, and even if I don’t like the changes to my character it is always enjoyable to experiment with other characters and explore their changes to see if anyone else might be a good fit.

I am more afraid that the community will nitpick, bitch, and moan over every little thing and squander the opportunity to revive the GG community a bit.


Lol @ thinking people start from scratch in a new game


A man can dream “This game will be MY game this time! Just you watch”


Yes sir!!! You are absolutely correct OP!!! Absolutely NOTHING you’ve learned from your previous fighting games will carry over!!! NOTHING!!!11one!one


That’s not what I’m saying at all guys. Sure, you could have taken me literally and just go by me saying “start from scratch”. Or you could have read the whole thing and understood I’m trying to say is that I’m afraid that I’ll hate the new game because it’s different from the last one. Which is pretty much the gist of my opening post.

I’m sure when SF5 comes out, I’ll get the game and learn it and be fine. It’s just going to be a new experience for me because SF4 is the first SF game where I seriously and I’m afraid of change for a possible SF5. Like I said, I just rather not end up like a bitter 3rd Strike fan who stayed behind because SF4 was so different from what they started with.


Play what you like not just what’s new or popular (or “hype” as new asses like to throw around everywhere now).

If you like the new game, cool. If you don’t like the new game, cool.

This weird guilt for not liking a new game is stupid. It doesn’t make you bitter either. I wish people would stop trying to paint someone as a bad guy for not enjoying a new game .


If the sequel ends up being a bastardized tragedy, I would just mourn it and go back to whatever I was doing.

That’s all anyone should do. No one should ever have to make themselves play a game they don’t like just to stay with modern competition.