Do you feel like Gouken is easy to win with?



I was playing some matches with a friend and recently he’s been getting super salty at me and G. He claims that it’s too easy to win with Gouken and that’s why he doesn’t play with him anymore. To demonstrate, he switches to Gouken and bodies me. I had been getting the best of him all night, but he beats me convincingly with Gouken in the mirror. He said that he wasn’t even trying that hard with Gouken, but when he was playing Ibuki, Ryu, Cammy, and Makoto, he was trying his best to beat me.

I’ve always struggled with Gouken, so this is all news to me. Between my spotty internet, mashers (oh god the mashers) and the problems already associated with playing Gouken, I feel like every match is an uphill battle. Do any of you feel the same as my friend?


yo poli,

has he been playing SF since his first pubes? he may have a point…depending…how exactly does he beat you? how do you do w gouken vs a ranks and a plus etc? do u consider gouken a vortex char? use him as such?
when was the last time you were seen w gouken? could you identify him in a lineup? will you testify in court against the vanguards of shin sho?

ask yourself these important questions? lol

nah, I can’t say its easy, like staplez easy button, but I’m not intimidated by anyone’s shit

post some fights


By the way you put it your friend is just ass with these other chars and good with Gouken.

He played Cammy, it is incredibly easy to win with her, nobody denies it. :wink:
Few people who know what they are talking about would deny Ibuki and Ryu are easy chars.

Maoto is the only one who has it rough with Gouken, from the chars you mentioned.


No, i really don’t think it’s easy, actually, I think that from all the characters i use seriously, i have the hardest time when playing with the old man. He’s got too much gaps in his close game. It just seems that your buddy knows how to beat Gouken with Gouken…


Only time it is “easy” to win with Gouken is when your opponent makes mistakes that allow for full punishes.

If you are manhandling him it is cause he is doing things like uppercutting with no FADC or he isn’t blocking. It’s just salt.


Easy wins? New players must be saying that.


That’s why the mirror is so silly. It becomes a game of getting the other person to over-commit to a bad read.

G1 does stuff that doesn’t lead to big damage but does harass G2. G1 isn’t opened up to any big punishes.
G2 thinks he has a read on G1’s next harassment, and goes for the big punish.
G2’s read was wrong, G1 has time to sit back and crack his knuckles before the full punish starts.
end round.


I’m not going to lie, I despise the mirror. I despise it even more online.


Why does EVERYONE hate the mirror except me? I LOVE it. Its the mu I know the best because it’s the character I play.

Just imagine if you knew every mu the way you know Gouken. You’d never lose.


I dislike the mirror because it sucks the fun out of it.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how much you know the matchup, you ARE going to lose the majority of sets to cammy, adon, akuma, etc. They are just broken matchups.


I mindfuck myself when playing anoher Gouken. I think everything is going to be countered and everything is going to be a backthrow. Also, everytime I jump I just know I am going to eat that angled fireball into palm even though I know I should be bulldogging and focus straight to him.


Tho, let me say that that only applies if it’s serious business.

if you are just playing for shits’n’giggles, then the mirror is also the most fun matchup. Because then it’s just all about stylin’ and laughing it off when you get caught and the other guy gets to style on you for a sec.


All you have to do is rush down, bait kongo, ex tatsu and ultra. His wake is so poor. If you’re mixing up back throw, nothing, throw, flip throw, jab os, over head. … there’s nothing that can be done. Your Gouken opponent will eventually feel pressured and ex tatsu or ultra.

I love it cuz I get to do what I love and rush down just rush, and its free. I imagine that’s how the rest of the cast looks at us. The people who are not scared of getting hit by kongo at least



DEK, I don’t know how you don’t get it same way, you seem to have a very solid focus without mindfucking yourself. For me, I see a character with a large moveset (I’m not saying it’s the best one, just a large one) and I’m cataloguing through every option when someone is attacking my wake-up. When I play a Cammy for example, I have expectations for what a Cammy is going to do (basically is going to try and ambig. me with the cannon drill on wake-up and then go into a tick throw, a frame trap, or just a low block string). I can wrap my head around that, but when I see a Gouken I’m spamming through delayed dive kick to beat hp kongo, gflip throw, baiting out the counter with backthrow->ultra consequences, empty jump into cr. lk->palm, DEK’s famous whiff dive kick cross-up to bait the throw tech, or the crouch tech bait with low kongo - and instead of defending a couple of these options well I defend all of it terribly.

The mirror match against some 1kpp 4kbp Gouken gets my blood pressure maxed out. All I see is the “who is this poser Gouken with points for days and no tangible skill?” look on the players face.


I said this berore but I will quote again.

Gooteks said this when he barely won against a cammy using his gouken:

“I worked so hard for this. And you know what he did? Whatever he wanted.”


one of my best is the mirror, funnest, never gets old.


I always liked the mirror to, even got Souchan to not pick Gouken against me anymore which was kind of sad, since he instead used Juri…


LOL man…if thats how you think when the match is being played I see why its difficult for alot of you guys. You really think that much? You’ll give yourself an ulcer haha. You gotta look at it as data. I actually look forward to playing defense because it tells me things about my opponent and from there I can defend more effeciently in the future; and the biggest thing - dont get nervous. When you’re nervous is when you start reversaling and start thinking of EVERY possible way your opponent can hit you.

You have the standard high, low, frame trap, nothing, neutral jump, diagonal jump crossup, back dash, invincible move, overhead, throw on wake. But as I’ve said before, all the opponent has to do is jab once and it all starts over again. All it takes to beat that is to be patient, calm and collect data while defending. Don’t look at it as “I’m in trouble” while blocking, you’re blocking - he cant hit you. The most you can take is a throw. And you should be going into every single round EXPECTING to get thrown at least 2 times. You just weather the storm and eventually push back will push you far enough to be safe or for you to diagonal jump back and have a safe distance.

Dont worry about how many ways your opponent can hit you. Gouken cant do shit up close if he lands a jab so no one should be scared in the mirror. The only thing you have to worry about with Gouken are his setups…but we all know his setups. Thats why I say everyone should LOVE the mirror. You know if you get knocked down EXACTLY what can come of it. He immediately flips, you KNOW its a flip kick setup. He flips late you KNOW its a flip throw coming. You KNOW cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp, dash up throw.

Again, imagine if you knew every character the way you know Gouken? This game is 70% match up knowledge. We’d all be Grand Masters. No one should be scared of the mirror period imo


Not just you though, I have pretty much fully switched my mains around :3 I have not been able to feel the old mans magic anymore though I’ve had a good run with him, it’s taken long enough for me to go to a character more becoming of my style :3


Is this why he is the Gouken Grandmaster? Or is he playing other characters because he prefers to lose?
Seriously. Ask him that.

Is he PSN? What’s his gamertag?