Do you flush the toilet EVERYTIME after you go to the potty?

Sounds like a simple question, right? Well, how come I find so many toilets that look like somebody just unloaded their breakfast/lunch/dinner in it when I go to some bathrooms that aren’t mine/bathrooms in restaurants/public bathrooms?

I flush the toilet every single time I go to the bathroom. Pee, poop, masturbate, it doesn’t matter. I’m flushing that toilet because that’s just nasty. It’s become 2nd nature to me. I go the bathroom, I flush the toilet. I really don’t understand why some people don’t. I’d love to hear some of the justifications for this.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying in his best Charles Barkley voice:

It rocks for a jock
It rocks for a fox
It rocks blocking shots, on guys with dreadlocks.

The only time I don’t flush is at night time at like two in the morning or something. The only reason is that I don’t want to wake anybody up. However, when I don’t flush, I put the seat cover on, so the smell doesn’t overtake the bathroom.

What’s worse is when people take a dump and don’t wash their hands. For fucks sake, is 30-60 seconds of hand washing that much waste of a time?

I usually do, but one time I went to a public bathroom and there was a log that was, I shit you not, about the diameter of a baseball, and about as long as a Nerf football. If that was mine, and even if that thing could get flushed, I’d have probably left it there for other people to admire.

Wow. You mastered how to get jizz in the toilet when your dick is pointing up? How the fuck do you do that?

And yeah, I flush. Habit. Hard to break. Reference to Chicago song with similar title. Yada yada yada.

But seriously, how the fuck do you do that?

“Much still to learn you have, young padawan.”

Yeah, I still flush everytime. FAR easier to clean if you don’t let the shit sit. No pun intended. That goes for my house or anyone’s I’m visiting.


Dude… all you have to do is bend your waist and lean over the toilet. It’s not difficult at all. Unless you’re beating off while sitting on the toilet or something.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying in his best Charles Barkley voice:

A cheesy gordita, crunch to munch.

There’s only been a few times in life where I didn’t flush. There’s not much of a point in just leaing it there unless I had a Super Turd like spudlyff8fan just described. My only memorable “super turd” was that 2-footer(approx.) from several years ago. I even mentioned it here. It’s a shame I did not take a picture of that masterpiece.

flush, yes
wash, yes

also what gets me is how guys miss the urinal in a public location. the shits right in front of you, yet i see a puddle of piss on the floor right in front of it. how the fuck?

Not everyone’s curves the same way, you know.

I don’t flush public toilets.

I’m not touching that shit.

In a house? Every fucking time. Unless you want the bathroom to stink, I don’t see why you wouldn’t.

At my home and a friends place I flush. It’s the respectable thing to do but in a public place like a school or restaurant? I kick the lever.

Ummm, yes, every time.

I always flush, but in public restrooms I use my foot to flush the toilet if possible (if it’s not a urinal).

I think the more important question is at home, do you flush the toilet with the toilet lid/cover up? If so, you’re nasty as fuck. Good job spreading a cloud of bacteria and fecal matter within a six foot radius around your toilet. Ever wonder why your breath stinks like shit? It’s because your toothbrush has shit on it. :tup:

Oh stop being a germaphobic pussy and flush the fucking toiled. Kick the handle or grab a grip of paper towels or something. No one wants to walk in on your fuckin left overs.

Yes I flush every time. It’s the decent thing to do.

I’m just wondering how a lot of you guys look at your shit before you flush it down. I wipe and flush it down. No need to look…

Yeah, in all honesty, this is too much like that episode of South Park. You really need to take pics to confirm the hugeness of a dookie in order to really be able to make it believable.

Fuck why did I have to click on this while I’m eating chicken wings? Damn, I think I lost my appetite:nono:

I flush whether I piss or poor, and I always wash my hands.

I wasn’t going to flush after pissing but then I realized if I poop some hours later I don’t want the chances of urine splashing into my asshole.

Exactly. I hate when people come over and leave the toilet seat up. You saw that it was down so why the fuck would you leave it otherwise?

More importantly, if you’re too afraid to touch the handle to flush the toilet, why did you sit down to take a shit?

At my house everyone flushes, but they NEVER courtesy flush, and its awful. I dont want to see anyone’s dookie stains and crumbs when i come in to pee; think of the children for god’s sake! And i put air freshener in there, i dont know why they wont use it. I might have to curse someone out about it the next time I see that crap.:annoy: