Do you focus on your character or the opponent?


Kind of a weird question and possibly obvious, but I was just wondering…

When I play any fighting game, I mostly pay attention to the opponent so I can react to what they’re doing or as if I were aiming to make sure my moves connect. My girlfriend on the other hand claims that she only looks at her own character but she has no rhyme or reason to it. She also claims that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but I think that’s at least partly a lie because she can reliably and repeatedly pull off complex combos on command in 3D fighters like Tekken and Soul Caliber, but not 2D fighters.

I think my way makes more sense, but my gf has some kind of natural talent for fighting games so maybe she’s on to something. When we first got SF4, she was beating me more often than not even though I was the one with prior street fighter experience whereas she was mainly into 3D fighters. Of course over time since I practiced more than her, now I’m way better but she still has this innate sense of timing and unpredictability combined with some kind of “women’s intuition” or something that just gives her an advantage over me in any new game or any game really unless I practice A LOT to make up for it.


I have no idea. my opponent, I guess, since I need to know at all times what my opponent is doing. and I can tell my own relative position and state with my peripheral vision.


i said my opponent, but actually is in all the gauges, the char of my opponent and me, i think that you need to be alert of everything if you want to win


I just focus on myself because I can see both myself and the opponent because I’m always on the rush down baby WOOOOOOOOOOO! RUSH DOOOOOWN!


To be honest, it’s a mixture of both. Majority of time my focal point is probably ahead a bit in front of my character or basically in between, meaning I use my periphs (which is short for peripheral aka I’m coinin ish like a mofo) a lot. But chance are it’s 99% my own character because it doesn’t matter what my opponent is doing, he’s gonna get Headbutt>Ultra’d,>c.hp>Magneto’d, or whatever else, so I really don’t care about my opponent too much.

Unless they have fireballs, which makes me bring in a fire hydrant so I can stop them from throwing fire at me. It’s a battle between the elements.


I play my character differently depending on who my opponent picks. I’m either more offensive, defensive or flashy depending on the match-up. So I guess I’ll say opponent’s character.


I set up mirrors around the room secretly before a match, so i look at both at once.


Some of you noobs think way too goddamn hard about street fighter.


to the op:

watch redbelt.

then you’ll understand high level gameplay.


I just stare at my opponent. But not on screen. I mean the actual player. Sitting next to me. I turn my head and stare. And I breathe real heavy and whisper sweet nothings, tell them how great they’re doing, tell them how impressed I am.


What do you do when they stare back? That must get really intense.


That’s what high level play is. Just staring at each other. Whispering.


I look at the goddamn screen. This strategy is unbeatable as I take down almost 100% of the people I play against who don’t look at the screen or look at it only occasionally.


damn, :rofl::rofl::rofl:, you sir, won the thread


And then waiting for the right time to off the other guy’s neck.

…in the game, of course.


Thank you for this, I am now enlightened. You have shown me that I don’t know shit about street fighter.


i dont look at the screen i look at their stick and buttons


I actually thought about this when I was playing the other day. I was like, “what am I looking at when I play this shit.” I thought I was concentrating on my guy at first, then I was like, nah, my eyes are all over the damn place. I think finally I decided that I kinda zone out looking at the middle and watch everything in peripheral. Weird that you mention it.


Nah. I just wait for the moment to brush a stray hair away from their eyes.

It’s cool. Don’t let it bother you too much. Not everyone can be pro.

Footage of Wong vs. Daigo:


Where is the option for BOTH?

the opponent