Do you get good online connections?

**I’ve tried all the “search priority” settings with no changes:

any = 3 results per search, 90% with 1 - 0 bars
stability = 3 results per search, 66% with 2-4 bars so far the only one that seems to do something
same level = 3 results per search, 90% with 1-0 bars
more skilled = 3 results per search, 90% with 1-0 bars

Is there no other way to get a full screen of results in stead of 3 results with 0 bars?

I got fed up & tried a few 0 bar matches & some were lag free & some just lagged too much or doped during character selections.

when i connect to a friend who lives close by, our bars are around 4 without chat.
once we chat, our game starts to lag & can drop.

i’m at a loss here. **

I just leave it all default and refresh.

Honestly the best way to get a good connection, is set up your own ranked room and chill. It’ll take the same amount of time for a good connection to join you, as it will for you to find one.

I just set arcade requests on and just play a couple of rounds with the ai. Someone will challenge you for sure. The connection is a bit weird sometime. I played a one bar game with almost no lag, but played a 3 bar that jittered a lot.