Do you get infuriated at fighting games?


Been playing SF4 and trying to get better, and god in heaven do i get angry. Holes through doors, screaming, etc. It’s so god damn frustrating to lose. It’s not even like SF is super important to me. I’ve got perfect grades, hot girlfriend, i’m popular, i really have a good life. i dont know why this game sets me off so damn much. i even had to google it and that’s how i found this site. Now it’s even worse that i read all the stuff here, because i know i like have to think and adapt and such, but i just CANT. I can do all the fucking combos but the game itself defeats me. I dont know. first person shooters never made me half this mad, and worse I was a straight beast at those games, and now to suck at this… ugh.

Anyone else get batshit insane mad at fighting games?


Just quit cause we can do without people punching holes through doors or bragging about their lives.


Haha awesome.


nope. oh, and this.


its cuz you suck, and you’re only good at holding down the 360 controllers triggers like a mindless monkey.


If it ain’t important then there shouldn’t be any doorholes, and screaming. Do you do this in front of your “hot gf”? if so, you should cut the shit, because if she sees that a little thing like this sets you off then I’m pretty sure she’ll be leery about being around when shit really hits the fan.

If you are in fact boning Grade-A Tail, popular, bright and live a great life just stop fucking around with SF and go bang your girlfriend, tell all your friends about it, read a book and reflect on how great your life is. But the fact that you rage, punch holes in the wall and scream at a video game has me questioning whether you do infact have those things.



Fighting games take experience. Don’t expect to be good from the start, especially if you’re coming from brain-dead online FPS play. This is a genre that takes practice, and much more of your time than most other game genres.

oh and quit gettin mad at video games


Jajaja, When I Loose and I get Mad, I just Smile (see Avatar), That’s why I like SF, I love The Challenge.


Holy shit what is the matter with you? Self control man!

Ah, okay. See that’s the problem. Everything else is so good that “karma” had to balance you out my making you suck at SF.

Of course FPS wouldn’t make you mad like this. You can’t kill someone in SF as easy as you can in a FPS. You can suck ass in a FPS but once you get a shotty or a Rocket Launcher, random scrubs can get kills easy. There is none of that in fighting games.

And one more thing I’m not 100% serious with this post.



Watch out folks this guy is a beast at 3S, I bet he plays a mean Oro too :wow:


HAHA That’s so good.


i think he meant in school.


I think he was joking.




I play Honda against alot of Sagats. Do the math. :sad:

Oh shit the Diet Coke AV!


Captain obvious saves yet another thread.


We have a winner




No I don’t. I think losing is just as fun as winning, really. So long as I managed to make my opponent go “whoa” once or twice. Otherwise, It’s more like “oh well, I’ll try again next time after I’ve analysed the matchup more”

I don’t play SF though, so maybe that’s why I don’t get mad. Street fighter is so OLD and DUSTY and RETRO that it’s obviously going to make you frustrated at some point.


Better at real life? Bitch please.