Do you guys ever lose on purpose in the arcades?

Do you guys ever lose on purpose so the person next to you doesn’t get super pissed and go psycho on you?

or do you just stomp faces and take names regardless… and sometimes I do feel “cheap” if the other person is constantly falling for the same trap over and over again… a good player will say gg… but … majority would just get frustrated while a even smaller “rude” population will start accusing of “cheapness”

the scenario is for games that cost atleast a quarter!!! no in home games

I will sandbag and “barely” win so they feel like they have a fighting chance. All of the players in my arcade are at or just barely above my level, so I can always play all out. MAHVEL BABY!

But when I am playing someone who doesn’t stand a chance, and it is almost like we are playing two different games, I let out a little slack so that they don’t outright quit and I can keep having fun and satisfying matches. Winning is satisfying. :smiley:

I’ve gave up on purpose, yes. I just get up and leave when the fun I have is not worth the $.25. Pretended to play and lose on purpose, no.

I’ll do it if my shoulder got sore- usually it happened around 20 wins. Once I tried to see how long I could so in a Samsho game- got to 68 then everyone quit. I needed to ice my shoulder after that.

Then again I almost got in a fight after I started handicapping myself to make it fair like turning around while playing.

I give players who obviously have it hard trying to find practice alone and want to get better a free “mercy round” to get combos down or whatever. I may also sandbag for the ones who would have a pride issue and would get pissed off at this.

What I really hate are the people who don’t take advantage of this fully and instead of just practicing try to steal a win from that round. It’s not like they’re going to win the whole match, ya know… when you’re not good enough yet, it’s better to learn than to win. <.<

I’d never lose an entire match on purpose. Maybe a round. But, yo, everything is money. Got to stretch that 50 cents as much as possible.


I wouldn’t want anyone to do that for me either. I’d find it insulting.

QFT i also find it insulting.

At home? I’ll use alternate teams/characters and stuff so I don’t completely crush people who I know aren’t that good and just play occasionally for casuals/fun.

At the arcade? Hell no. Those tokens are going as far as humanly possible. :lol:


Ill give people who are learning the game practice rounds (like at CF) or ill go a bit easy on them if they’re that new. Otherwise, ill just play them like normal.

Agreed this says it all right here.:china:

-EX :cool:

If I know the player, there are times I will let him win due to how big of an douche bag they are (which is like… only 2 or 3 people I know at the arcades who are like that).

At times I will toy with them and act stupid during the match (like just hitting them with the same normal 5 times in a row without it linking and me not hit confirming super just to show how much there mashing or something stupid), however they seem to never notice that I throw away the match in the end.

If its someone I know and I’m cool with or someone I don’t know, then no.

I don’t think I ever throw a match at the arcade unless I want to leave. Even then I usually just walk away and let someone take my spot.

If you are playing a game like Marvel, and someone doesn’t know what the fuck they are doing, unloading three hyper viper beams into them + an assist and then guard breaking their next character to almost death with Cable is a pretty weak sauce.

Against new players, or people who just aren’t on your skill level, it is okay to sandbag a bit. There is such a huge range in skill level in Marvel. I think it is fine.

i was never even close to make a comeback after using these moves:

foxy’s psycho crusher
kamui’s life for meter move

I’m in it to win it!

When I get my gonads cut off and handed to me in a match, I just take that as what to expect from dedicated players that know their stuff.
That goes with just about every other crushing defeat I take part in.

I use them as practice dummies and start parrying [3s] whatever they throw at me without attacking them.

Ha…I lose on purpose in tournaments sometimes. I like the losers bracket better. I tend to focus more when I know I’m out should I lose. I’ll sandbag here and there if I’m playing against someone who I know has no chance when I’m playing 100 percent. Unless it’s at like Evo or something. At Evo once tournament time comes if you’re not that good…you’re getting hurt. Even if you are better than me…I won’t leave without trying to put a good dent in.

Only if the other player isn’t having fun. I can tell without asking.

If not, I go all out, full over 9000.

never, I’d rather die than lose on purpose