Do you guys ever use tick throws in mvc3?

I know that you can do pushblock in mvc3 which will give you some trouble making the enemy block a move w/ frame advantage on it before you go for the throw. but once you master punishing pushblock, you can force the enemy to just block, or mash on their fastest move while in blockstun. theoretically, this is a good time to go for a throw.

anyone doing tick tick throws in their game?

Thor is great, though its a command grab. Throw out a beam/projectile assist (cap or iron man are good). they enter block. push in and command grab. t hey start jumping, you jump and command grab. 1 frame startup and they are in block stun adn cant pushblock the assist. once you have the timing down, its tough. im not a pro or anythign though, so might not work as well against the better players. can triangle jump to crossup if you dont want to be too predictable.

theoretically, but regular ground throw range is very small in marvel for most characters

Yes. Forcing them to block a good assist like Tron’s or Chun’s and pausing before a throw is plenty good.

yes, I have.

That tick throw into DHC trick with storm is GODLIKE, eh rampage? XD



its okay.

but air throws are much more useful IMO