Do you guys have issues pulling off full circles on fightsticks?



I don’t have any experience playing on sticks, other than King of Fighters at arcades, and have been looking into buying one. Zangief is the character I play the most and am worried I won’t be able to perform my full circles as efficiently as I do on the controller. I mostly play on the Xbox controller, using the stick, with pretty much no issues. I also have a fightpad, and have some success with that. I purchased the original Madcatz SF4 TE stick when it came out, but sold it a few weeks later, since it doubled in price.

I’m looking into the HORI Real Arcade Pro VX SA Kai or a Qanba Q4. Both have amazing reviews, but as I said earlier, I’m very worried I won’t be able to pull off my full circles. I normally do my full circles counterclockwise

Thank you guys for your time. I know you get lots of posts asking about sticks, but I couldn’t find anything about this specific issue.


Well, you can use a stick in some games and pad in others. I’m a big fan of Zangief being used on pad and I use the same setup you do, xbox pad with the analog stick.

That being said, full circles aren’t hard in sticks at all, you just need to practice and get used to the motion.


Pulled the trigger last night on the HORI Real Arcade Pro VX SA Kai and an Octogate. Now I hope I don’t regret my decision haha


You probably won’t, even if you don’t use it for SFIV Gief you’ll surely end up using it for other games.

I have some friends with sticks that use pad in some games and stick in others, and some even use some characters in pad and others in stick in this game.


After clocking up many hours on stick and at the regular arcades. I still have difficulty doing Ultra 1, in the common setups. eg. cr.lp. cr.lp U1, back dash U1, forward dash U1, U1.

On pad’s analog stick, this is easy. On circle gate, also very easy. But on a square gate, its hard.

Need to practice it more, but I always use U2.

Tell us how it goes, and also, how you find crouch blocking on the octogate.


i usually play on pad as I face the same dilemma as you; the only tip i can give you for getting out 720s on square gate is not feeling all the edges while you’re churning and try to get straight 540s


The octogate has definitely been better for me than the square gate, I played with each one for about two hours straight . Crouch blocking hasn’t been an issue.

My biggest problem has been proper timing, punishing with SPD, green hand while on the right side, and fumbling with the stick during intense moments. I think this is all something that practice will help me get through, it has been frustrating at times though, since I went straight into ranked matches.

Something I’ve considered is buying a button. Not sure if I should just get the battop or a whole Korean style joystick. Anyone have any experience with these?


I command someone in the community design an octogate and square gate for thumbsticks specifically xbox controller that would be cool. pay me my royalties …thsnks


Have no problems honestly. I use an oct gate. Circle would be ideal I imagine, but oct works great.

Square gate as Gief I imagine would be the worst gate to use. Oct gate feels like having training wheels on. Square gate would be like having a flat tire.

If you gate is older, you should probably replace it. They do wear down.


Gate is brand new, I actually just got the stick in today. On that note, I need tons of practice. My timing and punishing is just so mediocre on the stick, compared to playing on the pad.





or snag an ls-56


and put a short throw circle gate on it from


although no amount of stick will overthrow lack of practice.


ps. I Haven’t tested the circle gate on the ls-56 but the octo gate on ls-56 is fucken sweet. feels more like aslightly bump circle rather than a full octogate.


360s on a stick shouldn’t be an issue, especially with a circle gate. I use octo because I feel it gives me better awareness of where I am in the rotation. If you’re trying to pull of 720s I suggest forward dashing and then doing the 720 as you’re moving forward. This buffers you against jumping during the rotation.


Get an octagon or circle gate, much easier


I’ve been playing Gief ever since vainilla days and I have used PS3 pad, Xbox pad, SE, TE, Square, Octagonal, circle, Crown and IL eurostick, I can honestly say this is are the best joysticks for Gief:

  1. IL Euro Stick
  2. Crown
  3. Sanwa Square

*You do not need to do 360 to get SPD as 225 is enough.

  • Sanwa was meant to be used with square gate only as all others do no work the way you would think.

Now to answer your question if today somebody ask me what stick to get I’ll put the money on:


I need easy 360 and easy 720. Plus square gate, unless this thing has large micro switches, enabling you to get the diagonals like cake.

Does it do the job? Having played since vanilla, any reason on your purchase?

It looks really good.


Hey EvansGambit I don’t actually own that Korean arcade stick, I’ll have to take back on what I said since the components are not the ones I thought, this stick currently has:

Joystick: Myoungshin Fanta stick BLACK > Is this the same as Crown?
Face buttons: Crown CWB203A BLACK > Never used this buttons
Back buttons: Sanwa OBSF-24 YELLOW

I thought It had a Crown Joystick and Sanwa buttons, I like Crown since it does not have any restrictor is like the old arcade joysticks. Once you get used to using it there is no way you miss a diagonal, the only down side is that its clicking noise can sell you when mashing 720.

If you are interest see the stick I currently use:

[details=Spoiler]Joystick: IL Euro Stick
PCB: PS360+
Buttons: Sanwa 30mm

The reason why I like IL Eurostick so much is because this is the old school fight stick you will see in an Arcade machine, also it does not make noise its like a wisper and the smoothness is better than any other.

*I am working on changing the PS360+ for a Paewang PCB
*On the back you can see a TE this one has a Crown joystick and a Paewang PCB[/details]