Do you guys need frame data?

Probably not, probably don’t care, but Ima throw it out there. My friend Bobby is letting me use the CvS2 official Japanese guide with all the frame data and strats and stuff. I looked on the wiki, and google’d frame data for CvS and found nothing. I can’t read Japanese but it is laid out quite simply. I have the time to put the info up if you guys want it but if you don’t care then I’m just gonna keep it for myself.

It’s no biggie either way, I just don’t want to waste my time.

As far as character and groove strategies I’ll see if my fiend Anthony wants to help with that since he is pretty good with Japanese, but no promises on that one.

CvS2 frame data isn’t some rarity. It’s been hosted over the years. I’ve had it on my phone since 2006.

I dunno, I thought it would at least be on the wiki. Some characters have it, but even then it only shows a couple normal moves.

imo frame data is always useful when read correctly, its mainly to learn hard link combos and tight punishes. but don’t live by it or you’ll just lose matches that way.

it’s been posted many times over the years. I think the last place that had it was Min’s site, but i’m pretty sure it’s gone by now.

I like it for frame traps and figuring out the best way to punish is.

Well it’s w/e. If it’s available then great

Thanks for the offer, putting up frame data is a pain in the ass and thankless, but really valuable, especially for cvs2. The frame data used to be available here:

That site is down now, so if you could please post it up it’d be a real help to the cvs2 community. I downloaded the frame data myself, but it should be easily available to others who want to get deeper into the game.

put it up please

I suppose now is a better time than ever. We’re snowed in over here and having trouble getting anywhere. It takes a bit of time though.

it’s back up

Thank God lol.

It took me 2 hours just to get one character done. Though I was messing with every move exploring the possibilities which I’m sure has a lot to do with it. I am eight characters into it so I’ll probably keep going just to have an easy visual for myself. That and going through each of these moves are a lot of fun.

thanks for the heads up on that site being back up. wish it had all the hitbox pages