Do you guys think Samurai shodown tenka could pontentialy be the best 2d fighter out?

With 6 groves from past games and so far nearly all the characters from the entire series do you think it could take the crown from 3s or ggxx?

Flawed premise…

it’s a little premature just wanted some input.

I’m not disputing your question, just the assertion that 3s/ggxx is the best 2d fighter out. Commence flamewar! :badboy:

Yeah you have a point I retract that I know lb2,kof and motw fans are going to show up with flame throwers lol.

well, Gen An is finally back
…so maybe?
but arent we always looking for a new figher to ‘take the crown’,
it only ends up in dissappointment time after time

You could say that but were talking about a new sam sho with all the characters(from all the game and the groves) if any game can do it it will probably be this one.

Until I play it, I’ll stick with 3s and ggxx.

I do think itll be a good, fun game (Samurai Shodown 2 groove… Samurai Shodown 5 Special groove…).

But six grooves, two of them being SS3 and SS4 grooves… Someone will find a way to exploit the shit out of one or two of them. It comes with the territory.

I also think the game will flop, and itll only be played by a handful of people.

right now; i just want it to get enough buzz going to warrant a NA console release otherwise, chances are, i wont even get to play it.

hell no

Last option, except without the GGXX

it’ll prolly be the best in it’s own right but far from SF3ts(well’ll prolly never get a game as good as this again 2d) pfft to ggxx I just can’t stand this game

probably not.

Well, I don’t think it’ll be popular enought o replace 3s/#R/etc., but I do think that it has the potential to finally bring the SS series into the light. The large cast and grooves may be enough to attract some of the MvC2/CvS2 players into trying it, and seeing that SS games can be a pretty solid experience.

Of course, SSTenka will be ludicrously unbalanced (CD combos!), but if people like it, maybe they’ll start to play SS5S seriously…That would rock.


I have to agree with Timestop. odds for abuse are too high. Makes me think II and Special will be the pinnacle of the series, and that it dies after this installment.

Will it even drop in the States?

Doubtful. While the game appears to build off of the good base set by SS0 and SS0S, there are still a few elements from the abominable SS3/4 still around (WHERE ARE MY REAL THROWS DAMMIT? Also, bring back my 6 button gameplay from SS1/2 thanks) that they for some reason just don’t want to remove to put it above the likes of 3S/GGXXR/insert-your-favourite-fighter-here.

Worse, as has been noted, the SS grooves thing is more likely to throw the balance to hell. Granted, balance is way overrated, but they still need to test the fuck out of the “SS3” and “SS4” grooves, because those are the front runners for breaking the game.

And man, this poll is ridiculous. Talk about premature.

re: SS0S "seriously’

While I would like to see more people take SS0S “seriously”, how are they supposed to do that if the game can’t be found? Hell, the only way I’ve ever seen the game is through emulator (cause I ain’t one of those nuts to shell out for the ludicrously priced Neo Geo system + AES cart). When SNK starts porting their games to modern systems in a reasonable space of time (as in, not releasing KoF2003 in 2005), maybe then people will start caring more. It’s too bad Sony hates 2D games, cause I would seriously buy SS0S if it came out over here. Hell, if it came out in Japan I might import it (but I ain’t getting just SS0 when I know SS0S is out) and mod my PS2 to play it. But dammit, people need access to the game before they can start taking it 'seriously".

wont even get close

itll fail almost immediately

noone is interested

Probably not, but while the chance of abuse is there, I think it will still be pretty good since it is being made by the people that made SS5Sp.