Do you guys think that there is actually 5 gods?

5th being IronMan.

Ya, i know… allot will say he’s too slow, but lets not deny the fact that he can kill your entire team just lik the gods, infact storm can’t do that w/o a DHC such as sentinel.

I expect that many will say no because he is too slow and he can’t force mistakes,
Most people say that all you have to do is not go forward and just play on the defenisive… i really don’t think you can just do that, especially if IM has doom or drones because you will be pinned by smartbombs and rocks.
IM has allot of things anyway that makes up for his speed, such as his reach and zoning with smart bombs. Smartbombs+Rocks or drones are excellent in helping him get to the opponent, and it will forc the opponent to start going at him in close combat since blocking (just to prevent yourself from getting hit into the infinite) isn’t going to do the opponent any good (due to doom).

I really think people need to admit that IM is that dangerous and does dserve to placed in the top 5 bracket. He gives so much to a team, an excellent assist, an excellent DHC, and he (as everyone knows) can kill your whole team. He kills the first character, GB the next one coming out…

It’s not easy to escape IM’s GB, its harder compared to cables. All you have to counter cable’s GB is to take the hit of the J.hp… i’m not trying to say that IM is btter than cable now; it’s just an example of how powerful IM is.

thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

if u never seen a tournament ironman in action here is a link


i’ve seen that vid before… it’s one of the reasons why i made this discussion.

Some guys really need to stop pretending that IM doesn’t need to be taken seriously.

The next match was tam row vs IM/storm/Psy, then the vid ended… is there a continuation of that?
Anymore good IM match vids?

i voted

4 gods only; he is just top 5 of the top tier

i always took ironman seriously but the gods are in a leauge of their own. they are just more grand. i cant explain it but its like they have more weapons. but the difference of the god teir and the 2nd tier is small.

i really think we should re organize the tiers so its like

sent storm mag cable

ironman cyclops doom spiral

dhalsim strider blackheart war machine

basically each tier should just have 4 ppl.

and i think more ppl should experiment with dhalsim. he is fast like magneto, he has a standing infinite, he can handle sent. everyone with a trijump is good. a whole new levels of gameplay open up for ppl who can tri jump, unfly, infinite, etc.

IM can do well against 3 of the gods. His only problem would be trying to chase down Cable.

i like your post. I agree with the 4 people on each tier, it’s just i think strider and spiral are tied, or strider and cyke are tied. The forth in the 3rd tier bracket would be anakaris since he also has top tier like tools; tools for any character and high damage as well… he just has crap ass vitality.

“Some guys” are people from gamefaqs - don’t bring the nonsense in that thread here. And the “thanks for the replies” :shake:

making a statement then wanting replies is borderline trolling.

Maybe you should wait until IM actually starts winning touneys - then go gooey and tell everyone I told you so.

whiff - you smell - sent/commando fucks up IM.

You could make strong arguments about how strider or spiral is 5th - its not clear cut.

Strider > Spiral > Cyclops > Doom > Iron Man

that is all

IM can be extremely effective, but there aren’t that many players dedicated to him. Very dangerous, though.

Definitely not a “god tier” character, also definitely not a “me, too” character. Might as well be talking about Spiral or a very good Strider. About the same boat in expert hands.

I dont think IM is a god,I think he is a machine.

yea cyc is way better then im

yeah hes a risky person to play with, as Zachd would put it, hes a gamble

Well, getting raped by Buckethead and his IM last weekend at evo south, I’d want to say yes, but thats just not the case.

as far as the whole “GOD TIER” business, I use thrax/msp, but strongly believe in my sig.

Imo i think IM is top 4 easy cable needs to move down. Im is top 4 for the following reasons…

  1. He can kill a team in one hit
  2. He doesnt need to physically hit them to do it
  3. He has an Air to Ground infinite
  4. His buttons are fast and hard to beat out
  5. If he has a lead he can run away pretty well
  6. He can chip well
  7. He has range with his attacks
  8. He has unescapeable guardbreaks
  9. He can mix people up
  10. He has multiple infinites and setups

Nah, i don’t think he is higher than cable. Cable is higher because he has a higher comeback rate, given the meter. IM is 5 and that should be well accepted, i don’t think any of the rest such as cyke, spiral, doom, and strider have that comeback potential compared to IM. Isn’t there vids on youtube where IM kills a full team? I remembr one of those vids where IM was the only one left, with barely half of his health and he still managed to take out the entire santhrax team. Just one after the other.
I don’t think cyke, doom, spiral, or strider are capable of something like that, especially strider or spiral if doom or sent is taken out.

very true i think IM is better than cable as well the funny part is that people are only used to fighting an im that tries to rush, try fighting an iron man with solid assist that runs away and the risk of trying to hit him is to great cause you might die =/

You’re retarded. How is saying “Thanks for the replies” equivelent to asking for replies? lol.

capcom has been placed on high ranks more times than that of spiral, strider, clops, and doom? Is he considered top 5? No. IM has shown enough because he has enough to keep him in the argument of being top5.

IM/Doom can do good against Sentinel/Commando.

sent commando gets beat up by im/cap. if you guys are just limiting iron man to mainstream teams you guys see all the time than shame on you. iron man counters the rest of the god tiers with random teams and character counters or you can just say combofiend beats all =D. if your a smart iron man and know how to get the hit everyone dies =D and if your judging IM on people who dont know his matchups all to well than thats bad too. i say hes a cheap fuck and is easily top 5

im is really good but he gets raped too easy. he either works really well or not at all. and while im can kill a whole team, it doesn’t happen all that often outside of casual.

it happens all too often in tourney =D. the only reason he would get raped is either

  1. the person doesnt use IM’s priority in their advantage ie. standing RH!!!
  2. the person getting raped either can’t block or gets baited easily
  3. the person doesnt spam STANDING RH!!! enough