Do you guys think that there is actually 5 gods?

Ironman is Good

But not God

the only thing keeping him from being god is a quicker mix up game.

if he had the speed of Magneto’s air dash, he would be God.

Ironman’s Problem isn’t that he can’t force mistakes in blocking, it’s that he needs something holding them in block already so he can get close and get that "you gotta “guess” Tri jump/Cross up/low mix up game.

Which is why Ironman needs either Doom/.or if your that good/or playing agianst Mag/Storm, you can use drones.

Ironman is one character that to do what he needs to do, he will HAVE to use the Assist (Rocks) to lock them down to get that easy guessing game mix up, and once he touches you…DEATH.

Ironman Definenetly has the means to play from a distances. Of course you are gonna work your way in close, but he also has to start setting up his game from a distance.

Sj Smartbombs, C.hp + Assist xx unibeam, dash up.


then with his Priorty he can beat out moves that the “Gods” have with good timing and spacing.

as a character

i give Iroman 8/10, he’s ground dash can be worked around, but the fact still remains that he needs to lock someone down first before he becomes the “Touch of Death” that he is known to be.

he’s a great character, very possibly the 5th best character in the game, but i still wouldn’t put him in the god tier. he’s better than cable that’s for sure, but since this game is rarely a one on one affair, cable generally can just keep him out forever and very possibly hit him or his assist with that ghostbuster beam. that’s definately a factor when determining who’s godly and who isn’t. lots of characters by themselves are ok, add the right assist, and you’ve got a murderer. i just don’t see im having that type of power. his dhc is RIDICULOUS though.

4.) He’s fighting against Strider.


at worst, IM is 6th behind cyke.

as for what kai said, i think that’s a horrible opinion, but everyone is entitled to their own (i can only expect a strider player to be biased towards trap characters).


people always sleep on IMs assist also, that shit is fucking annoying

ironman cant punish assits like the gods either.

all he could do i guess is proton cannon and DHC

mag sent and cable can punish an assist easy and storm can sort of punish and assist without fear.

IM > strider?

theres alot that go into deciding whos exactly top tier. Just being able to kill a character in 1 hit isn’t enough. Its why war machine is considered top 15 instead of top 10.

IM may have one hit kill but imo, strider can fight matchups better and he has better option tree during the fight. IM doesn’t suck ass, I just don’t think he’s better than strider.

I would like to see you guys play Yipes’ IM then afterwards tell me that he isnt top 4…

shoultzula: War Machine is that low cause of his proton cannon and his button speed… As far as Strider vs IM Strider needs assist IM doesnt. When i see a dolo strider i laugh and taunt lol…


all I’m saying is that Strider can beat ironman without Doom. All he needs is Zoo game and probably drones and ironman cannot get in on him at all. If he does get dangerously close, just activate orbs to be safe, build meter, repeat process, GGPO.
Whenever you talk about marvel you have to include assists because this is a team based game. So Strider has better matchups than ironman does.

There is no way Ironman is better than Cable. Cable is easier to pick up, less work needed to win, and has a higher win ratio than Ironman does. Cable is a very good character, people just sleep on him the most because they like the other three better.

im can go crazy sometimes, which is why i think he’s better than cable. he has sooo many more options than cable does. at the same time, anyone who plays the game will tell you that once you throw assists into the mix, im tends to get fucked up unless the im player is much better than his opponent or the other guy fucks up.

Iron Man lacks one quality the other characters i listed have (except maybe cykes): the ability to consistently control the pace of the match. When the main gameplan of a character that slow is to chase down his faster opponent and hit him, you’re nowhere near the elite. He also lacks a decent option of DHCing out.

I’m not going to comment too much on Iron Man’s AA. Being a Strider/Doom player and all, I feel like a serial rapist in an all girl school when I see someone pick that assist against me. But I do love using teams that use his assist. It can put some serious hurt on Magneto and Storm. Like everything else, it has its uses.

And I will fight any top level IM with Strider without Doom. I’ve had to before and all I needed were Drones and animals. Iron Man has no answer to that if I spam drones and animals except super jump, which just gives me even more options.

Bottom line, the only Iron Man I may have scratch of fear of fighting is Phat’s on a pad.

lets stay with 4

we do have to look at results and facts people. Just look at the people with the best IM. Illan has to be one of them. Did he go to evo and destroy everyone’s team? No. The bottom line is that IM is good. But getting that elusive one hit when someone knows you need that one hit is hard. And while we’re at it lets stop calling it that. That one hit has to be a launcher or an air juggle. Anything else is iffy. As far as the tournaments go… in the big tournaments you need more than IM it would seem. Cuz a team with him on it hasn’t won evo or anything else. But i’m not hating. Anyone who has near flawless execution and quick reflexes could make any character godly. If anyone were to use an IM team to take out wong, sanford, wigfall, soo,… and so forth in a tourney then i would love to see it.

I believe ironman fairs VERY well against sent and magneto but i swear…storm and cable do present very ghey problems for IM. IM has a hard time doing any significant chip against cable due to the fact if you have one frame (sarcastic for idiots) of recovery on anything you run the risk of getting beamed to fuggin death. storm is a little bit easier than cable but more or less still a hard battle…you’ll probably hit her with something random like and you have to make it count…maybe a s.rh if she doesn’t have drones coming soon or blast u with aaa…for all these reasons i think 5th is still ok for him =) but i wuv him =_=

i think this… IM is better than strider BUT strider rapes IM with doom or drones. his matchups and defense are worse with out those tho.

and as for the cable thing, cable is easier to pick up but overall a top level iron man can fight a top level cable depending on team matchup, if its solo than its free for iron man. cable has a harder time against mag and storm than IM because cable without meter is a horrible character with wack chip and damage.

The reason he has a higher win percentage is because there are only a handful of good IM players out there, and theres like 89034812039128 cable players and like 10 really good known IM players.

now this is just my opinions based on my experience, i am in no way attacking anyones opinions just sharing my own so if anyone wants to share something i dont know about IM’s matchups with me feel free to do so.

Exactly my point though. A god character is one that can be picked up easily and show results. A hand full of IM player only means he isn’t worth it to some people. Either way, IM may look better on paper, but in a real situation, Cable holds his crown. NOW GET MAD BECAUSE I’M DISRESPECTION YOUR LOW TIER! :wgrin:

EDIT: I believe Strider is better because he has better match ups than Ironman and doesn’t get countered as hard.

What makes a god character godly is the options he has not how fast he is to pick up and learn.

Cable sucks cause he needs meter to pose a threat, he cant get in the match safe, he has no ad/dj or tj and needs assists to win. I wouldnt say IM isnt worth using, more like people are lazy and rather have a scrubbier character… Your team is a perfect example of what im talking about, there are less S/D players then there are IM players, does that mean S/D isnt worth learning no. It just means people are to lazy to dedicate their time to it… Only real use imo for cable is to fight sent.

good point. thank you for continuing where i left off on the god character thing, just because cable is easier to use doesnt make him a better character, it just means that people with bad execution and little knowledge of the game can use him. just because IM is harder to learn doesnt make him any less of a character just look at strider, i respect his low tier ass cause he takes alot of skill to not get killed in 2 seconds but just because people cant easily avoid with him doesnt mean hes any worse of a character.

No one has even remotely mentioned commando or placed him on high ranks. Where did you pull that out of? …wait… gamefaqs

You post on gamefaqs how top tier assists are top tier - cos they are used in tournament teams. You made a great post how you thought Ken’s expansion is the 3rd best assist in the game IIRC.

IM hasn’t shown enough to clearly put him ahead of strider or spiral.

IM/Doom gets wrecked by sent/commando - look to the matches of Julias Jackson - IM/ CABLE/Doom is another story…and like the crumby posters on gamefaqs whines about - cable does the work.


J360 and Remix, you guys make good points. But what I’m saying is that it’s easier to beat the average character with Cable than it is with Ironman. An Average Cable will do better against a solid team than an average iron man would. Now when you’re talking about advanced and Yipes Ironman, that’s a different Story. But Majority does win and in the majority of the time, the avaerage Cable will have better results than the average ironman.

Listen, Remix, J360, you guys need to know your roles and come get shot


i gotta completely disagree only because team chemistry.

I feel like a loaded strider with drones and doom deserves that spot, but not under the more common hand that he’s dealt. typically sent is going to open up and basically scrap for his life and hope for the best. that is a shitty option tree for a character thats opening on a top tier team. that alone puts him below spiral who functions almost ideally with cable and drones.

cyc is a better character from the ground up vs anyone on that list.


edit: i swapped doom and im placement

I’m not god like with any of those chars, but i know enough about ironmans instant overhead rushdown, his priority and his dhc’s to realize that he’s good…

but he can’t stick to me and his range game isn’t threatening. no assist punish

we went through this topic pretty in depth a while back if i’m remembering correctly…