Do you guys think this is a good HITBOX button layout?


Would this be possible? are the buttons too close?


even you should see that some of the graphics(buttons) overlap each other…


Up is offset too far, in my opinion.

Have you ever played on a straight button layout before? If not or if you have no preference, I would urge you to consider a more ergonomic one (such as Sega or Vewlix).

That is not your art design, correct?


Anyways that is a hybrid WASD/American Capcom layout is not a " Hitbox™ " Layout.
Also your buttons are far too close together.

I also don’t recommend a plastic plexy replacement panel for an ALL-button-controller.
You want a metal panel if you are trying to moddify a Mad Catz TE.

Wooden cases works great as well for an ALL-button-controller.


As someone whom has both played with a keyboard and has a Hitbox layout on an SE stick, the button placement at the bottom for “jump” makes a whole lot of sense.


I don’t understand why sega or vewlix layouts are considered more ergonomic.
First of all, yes I get that the buttons are arranged the way your fingers’ lengths are, but that’s only if you have your fingers flat on a table, is that how people play? My fingers are usually arched, like when typing, and create a straight line.
Second, the second/top row always seems to be offset to the right. You literally have to cock your wrist to the right. This is the opposite of ergonomic.


They’re more ergonomic because they take into consideration the fact that your hand will be coming in at a angle from the right, and not straight up.


Sega layouts took to even more extremes as P1 and P2 layouts were angled differently. P1 assumed that you’d be sitting slightly angled to the left, so your right hand would be coming in a bit straigther. P2 assumed you would be angled somewhat to the right so it afforded more angle for your right hand.

With American cabs, this wasn’t as big an issue due to the fact that buttons were usually further out from the stick. But with a Japanese candy cab, the closeness of the stick means that, if you used the straight layout, you’d have to bend your wrist to the right in an uncomfortable manner.


TE last 6 buttons used as reference, but the effect is the same.

As for the offset, this makes hitting the “LK” button easier for both the thumb or the index finger - the latter, you just move to the left a bit. This makes even more sense when you consider that most Japanese arcade games actually have 4 or less buttons. The top 3 buttons plus the first one on the bottom (LK) gives a nice natural arc.


Ohh it looks like you aren’t using the X button. That would be more ergonomic then. But I remember Tekken 5 arcade machine used the first 4 buttons so it was really awkward.


The offset actually makes it easy to hit the “MK” button with your index finger.


MK button?


Medium kick, its usually circle on PlayStation controllers or B on Xbox.

The Street Fighter Button notation like this


L - Low
M - Medium
H - High

K- Kick
P - Punch

3X - All 3 Punches or Kicks

Layout as for Xbox 360


Square, Triangle R1 L2
X , Circle R2 L2


Oh crud. You mean the LK button then.