Do you hate it when


Thought ill’d make thread where people post things they hate about street fighter IV. Ill start off…

Do you hate it when:

  1. you play a ranked game and you notice in game that its a one round of 30 seconds and you lose to cheap tactics.

  2. you play a game that lags so bad that you can actually think of what move to perform when some one jumps in, go the toilet, cook a meal and perform the move before they touch the ground.

  3. your SF TE stick stops responding while in a champ or rank game :badboy:

  1. I don’t play online often, I play ranked even less.
  2. I’ve had pretty decent luck with connections since launch
  3. Yes! Wasn’t online, but 2 of my buttons just up and stopped working, had that thing swapped out the next day for a new one.
  1. you drop that one combo you needed to close it and lose the match


i only hate guile stupid hair and english voice , specially the taunt voice that fucking anormal


Oh come on, how can you not like the all-american tough guy who likes… “weak coffee”? ugh…