Do you hate your job? Do you love comics?


Hi everybody. I’m new to the forum.

My friend and I are street fighter addicts. We’ve also created a comic book.

Not going to lie – I pretty much just registered here to get some exposure for the kickstarter for our comic. But because we’re both pumped for SF5 and our kickstarter ends the day before it releases, we made a fun reward tier exclusively for SF5 players.

Check it out if you’re interested, and let me know what you think.

I hope I don’t get banned for the spamminess of this post. I’d like to stick around.


Usually i’d be taking a big doomp on a thread like this… But i actually liked what i read about your comic.
the “fight me in SFV” reward was quite a smart idea too.

best of luck to you.



Yeah, I figured that was a potential reaction, and it’s to be expected. I realize the whole thing is pretty self-serving.

My buddy is pretty good at SFV, so don’t think it’s an easy win!



just replace ryu and ken with batman and robin and your kickstarter is halfway funded fam…


Looks cool but I dunno why a former engineer and investment manager is out scrounging for that kinda cash lol…


Can we donate other stuff instead of money like maybe anatomy lessons or something?


Well, neither of us worked those jobs for long, and it was a few years ago. I’m more wandering poet than engineer now.

The story is about taking a risk and walking away from money and security to do something that really satisfies. It echoes the path of our lives.


Funny you mention anatomy lessons – the artist of this comic teaches anatomy and figure drawing lessons.

Kickstarter only accepts money, but if you want to trade something else for the comic, I’d be down with that.


Do you accept smash mouth CD’s?


If you reach that motion comic goal I want an audition.

I love the style in this and I love what I’ve read so far.


All I want to know is when is Medjed showing up? Surely he’s going to be the true antagonist in your story, right?

How can one ignore such an immense presence?


The comic is pretty damn cool so far. I’m especially grateful for the fact that it’s not an audiobook though. Good lord that voice acting was almost as bad as Legend of Dragoon’s English VA.


Haha-Thanks man.

We made that video in a day and yes, the voices are terrible, recorded with the world’s crappiest headset microphone by me and my roommate. It was a lo-fi, one-take sort of deal. We have a friend with a recording studio though, and I know a few local musicians willing to contribute. If we really put forth the effort, we could make something cool.


In 1995 I might have made that deal.


Thanks for the good vibes. I’ll remember this if we make it there.


My god, the potential…

/scraps script

Time to start over


If you are in the business of looking for some voice acting, feel free to contact me if you need something done down the road. I’d be happy to contribute.


Will you release before Mighty No. 9?


You just have no idea how much I relate to the main character’s plight. I sometimes even wish something like this would happen to me just so something would happen.


This is some good shit. Thumbs up.