Do you have a favorite fighting game? and why?

Id have to chose between KOF2002 or Super turbo. KOF2002 is just really fun and has a lot of characters and seems really balanced, even if there are BS combos its still a fun game. Can never get enough ST, I love tick-throws, I can never get enough of dictator and his mind games and mix ups.

I have to say that my favorite fighting game right now is Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection.
And then it’ll be Tekken 6 when it comes out.

Although… then there’s Kenichi, Guilty Gear Accent Core, Arcana Heart, Melty Blood…

I have a lot of favourites. I cannot just choose one. =(

Pocket Fighter or *Marvel vs. Capcom 2, *because they can both keep me coming back no matter what (replay value, bitches!)

arcana heart & eternal fighter zero [gameplay trend … honest]
vampire savior
street fighter alpha 2

i like a lot of fighting games, but i enjoy those the most :7)

accent core is my absolute favorite. if i had the competition, i would play gg and no other game.

i love me some 3s

Samurai Spirits Tenka. I’ve been a fan of the series since I first played the first game back in the day, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

REALLY hoping that SNKP doesn’t stand to screw up the upcoming “Samurai Spirits SEN” for the Taito X2…I don’t think my heart could take another travesty to the series, on the level of PSX “Warriors Rage” (not to be confused with the Hyper NG64 “Warriors Rage”, which is actually good, despite being in 3D).

Vampire Savior, that game is mad fun.

DOA is also fun when you get 4 people to do 2v2 tag. Playing that drunk is a hoot.

VF5. I like the gameplay/backgrounds/music.

SC and A3 are some favorites of mine too, for the same reasons.

Alpha 2, cause that’s what’s on GGPO.

You ain’t lyin!

I’d have to say VF4:Evo is my all-time favorite, just because it was the first game I got competitive in. I’d prolly enjoy playing other games more these days but it’s definitely a classic.

Others I’d put in the same place would be ST, MvC2, and Samsho 4.

hyper fighting and samurai showdown 2!

I actually totally suck at SS2 and havent really played it VS AT ALL…it was just sooooo far ahead of its time and soo cool it left a huge mark on me.

hyperfighting goes withought saying…

lots of my fav. characters, very fun to play. just can’t get enough of it.

hokuto no ken

As much as people hate this game, I agree with Mr.Mamation, altho I’m still learning it right now. Mainly play Shin and Raoh atm. Despite what people think, HNK is a really fun game.

My fave games beside HNK:

A2,HF,ST, and XVSF

ST. It’s just a great game all around. It’s a game that improves your overall game when it comes to other fighters. It really helps you understand situations a lot better like baiting and zoning.

And co-sign on HnK. No matter how broken it is, it’s still fun for casuals.

SF2 - Any version.

A2 is pretty hot as well. MOTW for close 3rd.

vamp savior
in that order

Karate Champ son. WHAT! That game was true hardcore. TWO sticks? WTF?!

For me in no order:

MvC2: Craziest Hi-tempo game where the one game that went through so many phases and came to the point where so many people are so good in this game.

CvS2: liked the variety and such especially with the 6 grooves & ratio charcters of your choice.

SF 3rd Strike: The most beautiful Street Fighter game with so many options, almost like MvC2 where so many phases and such.