Do you have a secondary Character?

Just curious for the Cody mains, do you have a secondary or backup character?

I am seriously considering Akuma for no particular reason.

I have Rose to cover the worst of the worst but I suck regardless :slight_smile:

Even cody is somewhat my secondary. I play him the most due to that I start to play with him, but only for one or two matches, then I move on to play nearly every character in the game - often I just pick random. this way the game stays fun and I learn everything about every charcter, which helps to understand them, which then again helps to play against them. when you know what you can do and what you’d actually do in the shoes of your opponent you can anticipate and rule out some stuff [ofc this is only a tendency]. i play a few rather good, most okayish, some kinda basic and a few… well “less good” and 2 I’m just terrible with. ibuki and viper.
if you would ask me whom to main (except cody) I’d probably go with cammy, fuerte, bison, honda, or pick up my old semi-main gen. makoto is also very interesting.

your addiction to akuma comes due to that he’s everything cody wants to have xD

I play fei long, too.

I like playing cody because i like having a challenge. Hes not an easy character to use, requires good combination of patience and skill. If you play him right though, he can be very rewarding because of his high damage combos and easy hit confirms. Also, correct me if im wrong but i think he does above average stun damage as well. Other than him i mainly play with dudley, bison, fei long, gouken, (and even dan sometimes lol). But i can play with most of the cast. I dont like idea of limiting myself to one character. My overall trial completion is currently 94.5%

in addition to my unorthodox cody… i also play an unorthodox rufus, a retarded guile, & even more retarded sakura. & i charge bingos w/all of them :sweat:

but mostly cody… moooooostly cody :coffee:

any character with a reversal i can mash

Juri is my alt. So i get pissed all the time because i have to work extra hard to get wins with both characters. Haha

Guy because I love to play rush down but I don’t use him that much because I get piss off at his crapy pokes oh well AE is coming soon I hope. Makoto because she fun has hell and you can mind fuck people bad and Dan because is fun to see people msg me after they have sufered at the hands of rushdown Dan lol.

I rotate between Dan, Adon, Fei, Cody, Makoto. Just picked up Cody and Fei recently, wanted a little more variety after dropping Dudley a few months back, Makoto is seeing far less use recently… my execution isn’t up for the challenge of either.

I’dn’t call makoto that much execution heavy tbh. only thing that is “new” to learn would be hayate canceling, which isn’t that hard.^^

if you like makoto and train her now, you’ll rape in ae.

cody is my secondary. I main balrog at an below average level :P. My secondary to cody though would be the rest of the cast I guess :slight_smile:

The Hayate cancel opens up a new world of hurt and stun which is vital to her game and I can’t get the damn thing down. Honestly I don’t even bother with one frame links anymore, getting old.

the hayate cancel gives her more frame advantage not less. dunno about what amount exactly but it’s actually rather lenient. try holding a kick button can also do the trick. learning RSF is a pain in the ass, hayate cancel is like taking a lolly from a baby compared to that xD

Cody is my main - I’ve tried using other characters and staying off him but I find his style just too much fun. That being said my gf is always saying I should pick up Ryu as I win more with him…

As for secondaries I use Ken, Balrog and Abel (very scrubby). I’m probably going to pick up Cammy soon as I like the rushdown style and everyone on PSN/XBL seems to only know how to rush. Knockdown and mix-ups allow the removal of large amount of life from most players (bar the A and some stronger B graders). I’m starting to lose count of the number of rounds where I’m a <20% hp and my opponent at >80% and with one knockdown I can remove their lifebar. Not that I’m any better - that article on How much of your problem is bad defense? applies to me in a big, BIG way.

I play Akuma way back in Vanilla - his low life really does make it hard.


I have two subs. Dee Jay and T Hawk. I recently switched from Hakan to T Hawk and have been loving it. I chose those two characters so I can have a variety of playstyles to have fun with. I’m really lacking with Dee Jay though. I just can’t seem to win with him online. I can beat my buddies Juri/Guy/Ibuki/Abel but I can barely win online. I guess charge characters aren’t my strong suit.

Rose and Cody ftw!

Ha I usually rock Cody and Rose too, although I’ve been trying to find someone to replace Rose (although I love her:/) because they both pretty much die under heavy pressure…

Like most of these guys, i play cody. But i really enjoy Rose, Deejay, and Guy(but i’m ass with him). Also, i’m thinking of picking up cammy.

Cody has been my main. I loved cody since the alpha series. But now i can actually play him decently in SSF4 thanks to SRK :smiley:
My main secondary would have to be Abel. After that i guess Vega, then juri, then my really bad Zangief.