Do you have a sick Dudley or is it just not bad?



this is important!

mine is just not bad :badboy:


im glad i trained a bit or it woudlnt be either : (
its not bad ;_;


So uh… what do we say about Rom’s Dudley? You want to be lumped in the same category as him?


I think mine is sick.


Mine’s not bad. It’s nothing to really rave about, but he’s not bad:coffee:


Mine was pretty sick…then Deshiken proved me wrong and I don’t think I ever took him seriously again. ;_;


Mine is so sick that I dont even play him.


I have a pretty sick Chun, does that count?


Here are some videos of my dudley.[media=youtube]QMaGaHUEdqs[/media][media=youtube]LhbaspB9GCw[/media][media=youtube]0Ct-ven9Jxo[/media][media=youtube]IRLUIe2vaGM[/media][media=youtube]hwUOihJ196M[/media][media=youtube]Y1cwMStRNHM[/media][media=youtube]g_di01GUbT8[/media][media=youtube]OKo-BsFu0ys[/media][media=youtube]tX2z-V8pAbg[/media]


Jungle Strike.


That remix and the title of Coutney vs. Dwayne had me laughing. I imagined cousins playing each other at a family reunion.

Some nice juggles and combos in there though.


Here are some new videos that I would like to