Do you have any old avatars saved? I have some

and i saved them many years ago
here they are, randomly ordered


erection avatars.

nah… by old i mean like OLD

Classic. I have a folder filled with avatars from every year on srk. Too lazy to host them though. Maybe ill get around to it =]

just rar it! Fine.

nice man! you even have koops old mario and pacman RC avatars


I’ve got a “Gifs” folder with every avatar I ever used on srk, as well as any epic av I’ve seen here, such as one Mummy-B tribute av (best one, IMO) that ends with Dudley tossing a rose while the screen fades to white, or the “SRK Mating Ritual” with Ryu and Chun Li.

I hope somebody has that old avatar that had that guy dancing saying “Well Excuuuuuuuse Me”. That one always cracked me up… dood!

anyone have my truth about ahvb avatar from lightyears ago?

Taken from Dios Avatar folder

That was DaDesi’s tobias one right? I think he lost that one, I remember him asking if anybody had saved it.

Well excuse me.


Oh I swear I linked this, guess I didn’t, good looking PuFF! This was always one of my favorite AVs, right up there with the Q Rangers.

You sir… are my hero!

:cool: Oh yeah, that would be the one… dood!

I can’t download Dios’ file. I need to see if he has any of mine. OC’s page has the haloween av he made me, which was classic.

On the page, there is the big box with all the info. there is a link on the bottom right of it that has a save to pc button.

I know. When I try to download it, the file just hangs.