Do you have any quirks or rituals?


I have to wear a glove on my stick hand. You know one of those weight lifter gloves with the fingers cut off. Not because I think it looks cool, but because I’ve got fairly sensitive skin on my hands. The side of my hand and my knuckles start to feel worn as I use the palm up style with the stick in between my fingers. Without a glove I’d have to take a break after a couple hours of play rubbing my hand all the way. It feels sooo much better when I have it on.

I do this out of necessity, but I’m pretty sure some of you do some things out of habit kind of like shooting free throws in Basketball.


I crack my knuckles before each match.


If I am really serious or its a tournament match…I take off my watch… and space myself from the opponent…

But I also shake their hand and say “Good Luck”


I make sure that the ‘here comes a new challenger sound’ is off so I don’t jump out of the room when I forget that the sound is up.


I’ve always been bizarrely intrigued by what stick players like to do between rounds. Here are some common ones I’ve noticed:

  • When a player has lost the round because a move didn’t come out, they’ll do that motion/input over and over again like they’re drilling it.

  • Some players like spinning the joystick in circles, over and over again. This is more common on American parts, and usually they don’t press any buttons.

  • When a player has won the round, they will sometimes drum their buttons to the music between rounds. This is happens most often when they feel like their game is really on-point at the moment, like if it was a very clean, decisive win against an opponent whose skill they respect.

I know there are more but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

These definitely show up more in casual play or when people are playing online (ie. the opponent is not in the room); surprisingly, under the pressure of competition, I find people are more likely to keep their tics in check… y’know, poker faces and whatnot.

Just a fun observation: you can spot an inexperienced (or nervous) player because he absolutely will not let go of the controls between rounds. They just hold on to that shit like the next round could start at any second, or the stick and buttons might disappear if they move their hands away.


I used to spend forever on the character select screen before going on to the match.


Yes! I do the same thing. I take off my watch and my bracelet too. I also empty everything out of my pockets and hold it in a bag or something.


I get Korean food before and after tournaments.
Helps me play my best.


Before I host a casual at my house: :coffee: + :smokin:


For console/pc tournament matches I usually sit on the floor, take off my shoes and place them neatly a few feet in front of (or where i can see them) and commence battle. This way I can feel relaxed as if I’m at home training up.

At arcade events I do nothing out of the ordinary stick rotations and some random button strumming to the battle intro themes.

Ah yeah, I do this thing sometimes where I tap out the hits of a lengthy special (usually a super) while its comboing whether I’m the one executing it or being hit by it. Eg sf3 ken saIII has a nice rhythm to it. :clapdos:

…nice thread btw. :tup:


I crack my knuckles before matches. I randomly move the stick and press buttons when winning or when I thought I had a good loss. When I just blantantly lose I let go of the stick and take a deep breath.


I play charge characters. I’ve noticed before a match, right when the announcer is setting it up (This battle is about to explode! etc) I tend to close my eyes while I buffer my charge and open them as soon as the fight starts. Usually only in the first round.

It’s like I don’t want to see the fight till it begins. I don’t want to be visualizing the screen and setting myself up with “expectation” of how it starts. I knew a friend who would do this when he faced off in street hockey, he’d keep his eyes closed until the whistle blew and then go for the puck.

Guess it keeps me sharper instead of “waiting” for the match to begin, it begins when my eyes open and I have control.


Before a big tournament I usually make a virgin sacrifice to the Sun God Quetzalcoatl to increase my chances of winning. Still no major under my belt, but I’ll keep dyeing the altar red until I get one. I blame my losses on Tom Strong, him and his blue triangle.

edit: dying =/= dyeing.


You never shook my hand and said good luck at Evo…sup with that?


smoke nuggs and turn up whatever it is i’m listening to.

before every single tourney, everytime


this turns on beast mode


At the end of a match, whether I win or lose, I usually breathe really slowly and deeply. Also, I tend to bring various good luck charms to every casual gathering and tournament I attend.
Oh, also, I used to do the motion for Shungokusatsu before a match begins, and in between rounds, despite the fact that I have never once called myself a Gouki player.


hahaha that’s me!


I’ve thought about stinkpalming my opponent …


Fart in my opponents general direction in hopes they catch a wiff mid combo and fuck up.