Do You Have Hi Res Dan Hibiki Art?

I’m looking for this image in hi res. Does anyone know where I can get it. I’ve searched on google for two days and can’t find it in hi resolution print quality.

The reason why i need it: Reposted

Hello everyone! I’m brand new here. I’m kinda late to the mod scene but it’s okay I guess.

I just downloaded all the templates needed to make my perfect stick and then I started my designing yesterday. Well, it’s not really my design since it’s not my own art. But I wanted it to look like an official stick.

I spent a couple hours learning the ropes and finally finished. After finalizing my design I ordered my Sanwa parts last night. I can’t wait for them to come in. I hear it can take a month or so.

That’ll give me time to find a hi res dan image to replace what I have in my mock up. If you guys know where I can find one let me know. I’m looking for something that is print quality. My image is fine but it’s a bit blurry. I would like something more crisp.

You might notice I adjusted the buttons and ball top in the mock up files cause I thought the others were to cartoony? Not sure if that is a word. This gives it a more realistic look and feel.

Well here it is…

Mockup view:

Top view:

I can’t wait!

Woo stick mod. That makes me feel like buying a stick myself.

I skimmed through google, and only this was what I could find:

I got ya covered…


I found one. YAY

I thought I would post this here too. For all you Dan Fans out there.

no one really all that interested eh…could tell you were a little excited there.

i looked at the stick, and i like it…but for me its too original… id want something more unexpected…but still Dan