Do you have this picture?


i’m looking for a certain wallpaper and here’s the description:

It has ryu, ken, chun li, guile, bison, fei long, dhalsim and akuma and all of them are in their PF pictures with like, four pictures on the top half and four on the bottom half.

If you have this picture, please tell me and i will thank you profusely


Yes, I have the picture. Thank me.


I have it as well.


I am here to accept the “thank you.” I am owed as I, too, have this photograph.


Yup, I got that one.

Edit: I’d like my “thank you” letter hand written and sent via mail


OMFG!!! can one of you pm it to me or email it to me as an attachment but yes THANK YOU SO FRIGGIN MUCH, i’ve been looking for it for like a year


Nope, I WAS going to PM it to you but you were rude.


what? really, if i was rude, i apologize dude, might i ask how i was rude, i tried to be polite by not swearing at the very least


I have it also, AND I’m a pretty nice guy…

Except for today. Better luck next time.


I do not have that picture. I require no thanks.


I had it, then I tore it up, just cuz I knew you wanted it.



haha, damn you galactic how could you lol. hmmmmm, if anybody feels like being NICE, j/k you lto are hilarious, can you please pm it to me, this search has driven me insane


saw this picture in a movie.


I was gonna give you the pic but then I noticed that you joined** just** so you can get it from someone else. So your not gonna get it.

Internet better.


we have this anthrax

edit: apologies for making srk show up on fbi watchlists


well hold on a second, i never said i was just joining for this one thing, i peruse forums for a good amount of my free time and i am a humongous street fighter fan, i just don’t have much time to post other places. Clearly, i don’t have enough time or i’d still be looking for this myself


Dude that’s hella rude.


I loled. This thread is great.


I loled. This thread is great.


no i never meant to be rude at all, i’m a generally nice person especially to people i don’t know, i originally put my big thank you in caps because i was thanking so many people and i was really really excited that people had this picture but if i’m classified as rude, then that’s who i am to you all and i’ll take that ball and run with it cuz i kinda don’t care, now that’s rude