Do you like Sagat's Super



Lol, this is gonna be a weird discussion. I don’t play Sagat but I’m a big fan of his. I don’t like how his super is practically the same thing as his ultra. It’s kinda boring and unhype to me, even if he lands it.

If I was to change his super to bring the most hype, I would make it so he did not 1, not 2, but three successive tiger knees juggling and blasting the opponent into the corner. Am I just being a stupid Sagat noob or do you guys feel a little unhype with his current super?


Everyone has their opinion, it comes out in 1 frame(lk one) and blowing up a Jaguar kick or Hk from Akuma always feels good, especially for the win.



But seriously, with the current character design that sagat has, that super is nearly useless. Maybe 1 in a 100 games you see a sagat using his super.


TU FADC is too useful to spend too much meter on anything else.


I wasn’t talking so much about the usefulness of his super as much as the aesthetics. I just think it’s kinda lame as a tiger knee into tiger uppercut, but I understand that Capcom does a lot of supers in SFIV as throwbacks to SF II. Often though I like supers feeling like their own powerful moves rather than crappier versions of the ultra. I just think it would be cooler if he did two or three successive tiger knees, and rename the super to Tiger Onslaught.


Sagats super is amazing.