Do you like the idea of multiple styles and personalities for characters?

I’m not talking gimmicks like “isms” where a character has 1 move TAKEN from them, but for the most part still plays exactly the same, or some “press these buttons at the same time to switch to this moveset” crap like Gen in sf…I mean something like Samsho 3-4’s Shura/Rasetsu…each personality granting an entirely different moveset, supers, and winposes. I personally really enjoyed that, even though the Samurai Shodown games after 2 aren’t really my cup of tea. It’s something I would like to see in other games, rather than some lame “evil” pallet-switched character with the same moves (that just hit more). You basically double your character roster, even if you just use fighters from the previous game, and breathe new life into the same old characters.

I’d rather have entirely new characters

The console version of Guilty Gear XX and Accent Core has an EX mode that is similar to that. They don’t change win poses, but often times they completely change the character’s movesets.

Jam doesn’t kick but instead focuses on rushing punches, Baiken no longer can do her manual counters but can now do them at will, some characters just have minor tweaks, though. They’re pretty balanced for the most part, as far as guilty gear goes, however they haven’t been tested thoroughly like the main characters have been through normal arcade play.

They were available in Guilty Gear Isuka for arcade, though…

KoF98UM has a lot of EX versions of characters too.

I’d rather have gems a la Marvel Super Heroes.