Do you like the original arcade soundtrack, or the remixed version from SFIII?

I like the original arcade soundtrack, except for the fact that the quality of the music recording is terrible of the original music. Gets suspended for creating [what other people say is] shitty topics, yet Humbag calls me a fucker and gets all positive rep

your topics are shitty tho…



QFT. Let’s not forget about this tragedy :rofl:

What does that mean? :wonder:

Yes, let’s not forget about that! :wgrin:

Overall, I think the arcade sounds better, but the DC version has the round 3 mixes which are absent from the arcade, some of which are quite good.

Die in a fire.

Seriously, this topic isn’t gonna get far, so let’s kill it now.

Some discussions aren’t meant for SRK.

What are you getting butthurt about? SRK is one big clique, and you’re not posting anything worthy of you being treated other than you are now. Topics like this are much better off on forums where the general populace actually isn’t overly serious about the game.

I suggest you lurk for a while to see how we do things here before you post again. I know SaBrE is out of patience regarding you, and I’m starting to get pissed as well.