Do you like your TE JLF?

I recently picked up a TE fightstick from fry’s and well honestly the JLF is really broken in. I have a custom arcade stick and it has a brand new JLF and well i honestly like the new snappy feeling.

anyone else got anything they wanna say.

I like the broken in feeling. When it was stiff i was too afraid i was going to break it.
I have to edit this to say that broken in doesn’t automaticaly default the stick to trash. For me it’s means that the rotations are a lot more smooth, and fast. On a Square gate it’s better when the stick is just a tad bit more loose. (IMO)

I tottally know what you mean peaceful. When I first got my TE it was real stiff and since it was my first stick I’d always button mash n go rentless on the stick to make moves come out. Now its real loose which I kinda like but suck for srk motions. I recently bought a second TE and have been using it a lot more then the old one till I can by a new jlf or maybe even a semitsu because of its shortore throw and stiffness

ya i thought about doing a JLF mod on my to shorten the throw but ya the stiffness is big for me i just swapped it out with one of my custom sticks.

thank god i have 2 fresh JLF lol the second custom i have i dont use ever its mainly a stick for friends to mash on so letting them mash away at a broken in stick is perfect

Each JLF I’ve used has been brand new, so it’s always felt “snappy” to me. I have three of them, and each one was brand new when I got it, including the one in my TE.

Mine feels a bit loose to me, now that I think about it. Too easy to accidentally hit diagonals that I never meant to.

my friend has a TE and i think the stick was too loose. I have a custom stick and i do like the “new” feeling better.

yup i recently swapped my JLF with a new one. Thank god no one uses my second arcade stick

you can easily replace the springs on your stick to get that “snappy new” feeling back. my wife turned the springs in my TE to mush after about a week of her trying to get the hang of BB.

So, are we talking about just a spring replacement, or that double spring mod? I’m a little worried about doing the latter, out of fear that they could wind up snapping out of place and getting tangled up in one another. That would suck pretty hard.

this thread is full of win…

I like my JLF broken in. Easier to perform moves for me.