Do you love that fighting game high?


This is probaly a realy stupid question since I probaly know your answer. It’s been a little while since I played somone in a fighting game,so when I showed up for that Gamestop SF4 tournament,and I finaly played somone, “OH SH^T!” did I love,just LOVE that feeling again. The sweaty palms,knowingyour match is next,The COMPLETE,TOTAL adrenaline rush I got from after the fight. That ladies & gentalman,is a natural high! :looney: It is truely,truely a blessing to be alive in this time,so we can enjoy this genre of games. Capcom rules,SRK rules, and all of you,my fellow fighting fanatics,fuc#in’ a,you rule,too! :rock: Ya know, I tried playing starcraft, and I complety suck at that game. But now capcom comes back with another awsome Streetfighter game,and it’s like,ok, bitches,now you’re in my world! Shure,other games are great,but fighting games are what the big boys play. Not for the faint of heart. :karate:. Ok,ok, I know what you’re saying, "SHUT THE F**K UP,already! I’m sorry,I am just so in love with this game. And,well, I am also very drunk right now. :wasted: Bye.


Good shit


Shut up.




To many smilies, makes it not worth reading.


I love the feeling of tournament play. Even in stupid tourneys where I steamroll through everyone that nervousness keeps you on your toes a little bit more, and the win feels sooo good.

And it always feels good when you’re playing someone who’s decent at the game. even if you lose that match stays with you for a while.


I love the butterfly in the stomach feeling when a match goes down to the wire and you get to either sigh out of relief or disappointment.

so yeah it’s cool.


The only thing I don’t like is the accelerated heartbeat. It makes it hard to concentrate because all I hear is ba-BUM, ba-BUM, ba-BUM!


I cream my pants when I win a match.


Open a window and a breeze rolls in and you JIZZ IN YOUR PANTS?


Put your hand up. Show me your palm. Now hold it there. Good. I’m going to high-five it.


I read this as “Do you like playing fight games high”

The answer of course is yes.


Hell yeah I do, different games provide different highs for me. GG is very fast-paced, and one time my health was low my opponent pressuring just to get a poke, I parried (slashback) my opponent in the air, then attacked his ass and won. I jizzed in my pants. It was no daigo, but oh was it sweet, esp. since GG parry is 10x harder.

In Tekken if you’re playing against pros the whole match can be really intense, careful thinking, looking out for whiffed frames, what to block. If you win it’s like ‘woo that war is over’ and even if you lose that feeling of intensity is awesome.

SF gives a basic high to me, to me it can’t compare to a GG/Tekken high, so I like those games more, but it’s still awesome.


It’s nice having a fighting game high but who can forget their first time you took a giant dump. Best High Ever.


I get this felling all the time!! Check the AV!


You mad. That’s the best part.






yo man, just drink 10 cans of red bull, pop some E, pump up the volume, stretch, and have a go at DDR. that’ll do it.


i thought this thread was going to be on what fighting games do you like to play high. my answer would be shaq fu