Do you miss having more than 1 super? I do


When super moves were first introduced into the SF games, we only had one to use. I could understand this because the game was still kind of in it’s infant stage and it was a new idea capcom was trying out. Then along came Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior and there was a super move for every special move you had plus a couple of extra super moves. After that came the Alpha series where all of the specials could be used as supers with a different level of damage dependent on the number of buttons you pressed. In Alpha 2 you had your 3 supers and they added the custom combo, 3 made you choose between having access to 3 supers or a custom combo or one powerful super.

In SF3, you were limited to selecting 1 super. With the release of 2nd Impact the use of EX specials became available. This carried over to 3rd Strike and SF4. Now in SF4/SSF4, you only have 1 super and 1 Ultra available to you. In SSF4 you’ll be allowed to choose between one other alternate ultra.

I think that having access to multiple super moves made characters more versatile. While it can be argued that EX moves are a stripped down version of those supers, you can’t help but wonder how different the game would be if we still had access to full/partial strength supers. We’d have lots of different strategies and I think more characters would be more viable.

One of the things people like to do with Ryu in SF4 is EX hurricane kick into Ultra. I wonder if capcom thought it would be a bad idea for you to just land a level 3 or super hurricane kick. I think they were trying to stop characters from being one trick ponies and it ended up happening anyway. What say you on this subject? I myself miss the variety of being able to do any super I want. I mean really, look what happened to poor Akuma/Gouki. Here was a guy that had 4+ supers (dependent on the game) at his disposal. In SF4 he was stripped to 2 version of the raging demon. A weak one and an ultra one. It’s already risky as hell to try and use it and they just forced it on us.

Sometimes when my friends and I get together to play some 3rd Strike, we give the characters access to all of their supers using the system direction options. Sure it makes for an unnatural game, but it’s still a lot of fun.


Yeah SFIV is purposely stripped down; what’s else is new?



Well you got your ultra as your new “super” and now you can choose between 2 of them.
Making 2 supers will be pointless since a lot of characters don’t even get to use their super since they prefer the EX moves.

Anyways I play Bang and I have 4 supers now and one of them is za warudo+turning him into mvc2 magneto so I’m pleased.


SF4 fucking sucks.


2 supers would not be pointless. I agree with the original post. The characters feel more versatile with more supers. I would’ve prefered a new super than a new ultra in SSF4 because you can cancel into supers which makes it feel like you have more options. Having more than one super available to you also gives you more options in situations. Example: in cvs2 you could punish a roll by doing RYu’s hurricane kick super: a move that wasn’t as practical as his shinku hadoken in combos.


EX Plus Alpha looked sick because you could keep canceling your supers with a another super as long as you had enough barsof meter.

The downfall to it was it made the game so freakin’ confusing. i still don’t get that game til now.


Not really. I think SF should be more about the basics any ways. Having the ability to choose between supers is cool but just flooding every character with a ton of comeback super moves is meh.


There’s a difference between being about basics and being stripped down.

We should be moving forward, not backward in these respects. Supers don’t have to be “comeback moves” but can go a long way towards providing more variety to both characters and gameplay.


No, no I don’t miss it.


Well I play TVC and KOF98 so…


I like playing JJBA and using like 5 supers in one round.

It definitely shouldn’t be in games like SF, but in games like TvC and VS.


Nope, I play Marvel.




I’m amazed at the number of people whose brains are too small to comprehend using more than one super in a match. More supers mean more options for characters who may REALLY need them as one may be better for different situations.

Is it that confusing to you?


i usually just combo into the best super anyways.

random super was never my cup o tea.


The fuck is a random super


throwing out a super to try and stop something. not something i like to do.


Yes, because obviously you have to be too retarded to know how to use one out of 3-5 supers in a match to not like having multiple supers available.

I love this logic.


Not to sound smart, but random super is never most decent players’ cup of tea. And the point of different supers is that they can be combo’d into in different situations. Simple example: CvS2 Ken could,, xx shoryureppa OR cr. rh xx shinryuken OR,, st. lk, st.FP xx Hurricane Kick super (forgot the name). All of these are viable options in different situations. That’s why I personally miss having multiple supers. The character would have more options

DevilJin01: Can you point out an example? I 've never seen a game lose quality because the characters had multiple supers. The CvS games, alpha games, VS series…none of these lost quality because of characters having access to multiple supers.


i like 3rd strike style.
1 to choose but a few special characters that differ.

oro with his ex supers and akuma with his two max supers.

i think sf4 misses those little touches like that having it so uniform.
if germans and communist china made a street fighter game it would be like sf4.