Do you name your computer?


There are millions of ways you can name a computer and some of us are giving strange names. Whats your computers name?



What’s your agenda?


Don’t feed the troll, kids.


Ì was going to call mine “No Loyalty” since I just buy random parts that work.

After what’s happened in the last 24hrs I’m calling it “Bastard”.


I call mine DarkLense


After upgrading to Win10 I’ve settled on “MuthaF*cker”…seems appropriate




Dark sakul I find your lack of faith disturbing, well my computer name is “La Muerte” called like that since I was fascinated by everything. And kids I am not a troll. Have a nice day.



You never answered ReeceBob’s question.

Till you give us a satisfactory answer I going to take you as a Troll or a not-so clever conartist.
Why should it matter what we named Our computers?

So you named your PC after a South American skeletal folk saint.
Interesting Choice. I had a friend who used to name is computers after Mobile suit model numbers from the Gundam Universal Century timeline.


That’s interesting, because I’ve done something similar along those lines.

I’ve named my computer after the mother ship/base, and each individual hard drive after the mechs that dock there. So I’ve done:
[computer] Danner Base, [hard drives] Godannar, Neo Okusaer, Go Okusaer, etc… (from Shinkon Gattai Godannar)
[computer] Ptolemaios, [hard drives] Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, Virtue, etc… (from Mobile Suit Gundam 00)


Hopefully this silly little thread will die a silent little death during the migration…


I used to name my HDDs after Vocaloids: Miku, Luka, Rin, Haku, etc.


i have named vegaminer as i mine crypto with my vega gaming cards lol


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