Do you need a separate power supply to run a Naomi GD rom?


I have a big blue Capcom Q Sound cabinet that I put CVS2 in. It’s a Naomi GD rom that runs on a Capcom I/0.

When I start it up it runs fine but after 30 minutes the screen just goes gray. And then I turn it off and turn it on and then it does the same thing. I asked my friend and he said that you need to attach a separate power supply to the Naomi 1 motherboard and a separate one to the GD rom.

I always see CVS2 run off regular Capcom Q sound cabinets. I don’t think they run the gdrom off a separate power supply.

Can some please explain how this would work?

Thanks in advanced.


Yes you do need a separate power supply, go to Welcome to SEGA-NAOMI.COM ! for more info.


I read that you have to buy a sega power supply to run it but I also heard that you can use a PC power supply.

So how would you put the PC power supply with the Jamma power supply?