Do you need plexi cover on TE if not changing art?

Hey guys, I got my TE today finally =). I’m deciding if I should get a plexi cover for it. I don’t plan on changing the art work on the stick so do i still need the plexi cover? Also I heard that after long usage, the original art work on the TE might slowly come off without a plexi, is this true? Thanks =)

uhbhh i think if you get plexi to cover the oem art itll be super thick… the plexi will protrude a lot i think, … the only problem i had with my og art is that i had a wear circle around the joystick… because the dust cover is rubbing on the cover… thats about it…

The TE artwork is already protected by a sheet of plastic (polycarbonate?). You don’t need a plexi cover unless you’re removing the artwork. You can’t reuse the poly it comes with if you get new art, because the original art is either printed or adhered to the bottom of it.

If you dont plan on doing anything customization wise then no, of course you dont need the plexi cover. Kind of answered your own question.

I cant comment on the artwork on the TE as I’ve never seen one in person or used one yet. But Im guessing it has some protection to stop it wearing away quickly.

EDIT: Robo beat me to it.

Congrats on getting one.

thanks for the info everyone, helped me out a lot =)

Hmm, I wonder why mine scratches so easy? I was thinking about changing it to something more scratch resistant.

Do you wear rings, bracelets, or a watch? I tend to catch myself wearing my watch right before I sit down to play. Take that bitch off! nods

I even scratched it by rubbing it with a tee shirt. You can only tell in the right lighting, but it still annoys me.

It’s easy to scratch: it’s like a new car… the more you obsess over the possibility of scratches, the more will mysteriously appear.