Do you need the DC version to be good?

I need help getting good without owning MVC2 in console

u can use the ps2 or xbox version but sentinel’s air combos with assist might get gay for u and u wont have his unblockable.

Not necessarily, but it is recommended that you do it on the DC version.

My suggestions would be, first and foremost, to get to an arcade cab. If that is too costly, and you can’t get ahold of a DC, find a copy of the XBox version. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. Just don’t go PS2.

exactly, the PS2 version sucks donkey balls

Shut up please. Every post you have in the marvel forums is almost always wrong.

Sent unblockable is still there in PS2 (everyone knows that.) and timing might be a LITTLE different for certian things, but nothing major.

The main problems with the PS2 version is alpha counters getting messed, and some slowdown, (whinning about slowdown in DHC’s doesn’t count, 1 frame cancels are still 1 frame.) besides just looking a little worse and sounding like it’s playing the music and effects thru a pillow.

actually… parry person… normaly you ARE right… BUT… the unblockable’s actually not in the PS2 version

Yes. It is.

I don’t know what scrub started that rumor, but just about every marvel player knows that the PS2 version has Sent unblockable, I do it all the time. I own the PS2 port as well as the DC port, so don’t spout about stuff you don’t know.

Ask Higherjin, even he knows.

yea man, ps2 allows unblockables in multiplayer. you just can’t do it in normal training mode. you got to have the second player set as manual. this is how you practice

put a book or somethin against the 2nd player to make him block low. now either HP throw him then combo the c.lp, c.hp, HSF, SNAP OUT unblockable. or just jump in with a high attack and combo the HSF, snap out unblockable.

same shit with the FSD combo unblockable or any other non guard breaking unblockable. try it, you’ll see


sent unblockable is def in ps2 version

sorry :frowning:

Watch videos and go to the arcades.