Do you need to fight opponents @ your current skill level to improve?

The only comp i ever get is when i go to arcade, i’d say im somewhat decent but when i play someone real good i get worked bad.

So i’m wondering is it better to try to find someone to fight that’s close to my own skill level so i can improve or can you learn more getting destroyed by someone thats alot better than yourself ?

Also everything that i know about the games i play i get info from strat guides , watching vids and here. Is that enough or does everyone need a mentor of sorts to really explain everything ? I guess what i’m saying is can you learn all you can by yourself ?

Yeah, pretty much.

That’s usually the best way. That’s how I learned. Either way, if you’re dedicated, you can play just about anyone minus scrubs. You learn more from a variety of mid to top tier level players. Everyone has a different playstyle and some, at a higher level, can explain how certain properties work. Sometimes, playing isn’t the only way to learn. Gotta ask questions, too.

both…from getting your ass kicked and from someone your own skill level or of you want you can watch vids and imply strats to your game and see if they work…its better to learn most things on your own so when you do something wrong while playing a better opponent they can probrably correct your mistakes…but yeah if you are devoted then yeah you can learn everything by yourself…i did

I agree both…because you may get beaten by a scrub because of one reason- INEXPOSURE.

Inexposure to a scrub style of play or a scrub mentality can beat you if you are not prepared…


Think about it…you think high level all the time and the scrub might be hella random…not falling for your tricks and mindgames because they are JUST MASHING…whereas high level players would…

And other things…but to be good you gotta see different styles…the more you see the better you become…

AWW man your right about that too…that happened to me at a casual…me and my friend were so used to high level play…i played some guy i was like wtf is he doing…then i lost…its funny cuz after that i realized exactly what you said…you cant get used to a certain style of play you have to be prepared for anything…but yeah just dont get exposed to TOO much scrubby goodness…its bad for you lol (technically if you play someone worse than you…you regress in skill level…words from daigo himself lol literally)

Yeap. You just have to be aware of all the options and what is going on. If you’re getting destroyed and have absolutely no clue how to fight it, or you’re not sure, you probably won’t get better that way (at least not quickly). But as long as you understand what’s going on and what you’re doing wrong, if you take away some knowledge with every match and apply it to your game, you will get better.

Same thing goes for playing scrubs/mashers or something. Your advanced/non-frame-tight mixups won’t work, but you can just attack everytime you have advantage and win. Just realize why the stuff is working and don’t get in bad habits. You might even learn some effective mixups by coming up with stuff that’s a mixup AND beats people who hit buttons in a certain situation. It’s all in learning; knowledge is power!

Yeah exactly you need to play scrubs and high level…but dont play scrubs all the time the truth…

Play more high level than not…but you dont want to be surprised getting beaten by a scrub because you couldnt adapt to scrub play in a tournament…and its happened to all of us it seems…

Lesson to be learned!!!

You need to start off by finding someone decent and trying to emulate what they are doing. That comes down to what buttons they are pressing, and at what times they are pressing it. Then you move on and find someone better to emulate, all the while you are trying to do these things while playing someone at around your level, or only better to the point that they won’t kill you 3-0.

Pretty much what DandyJ said…plus, fighting noobs is generally a better way to improve your combo/attack string execution. If you’re trying to learn a whole new character and you’re totally new to his mixups and combos, it’s going to be a big struggle to do anything against a high level player…but you’ll get more used to your character if you are fighting a weaker opponent.

That said, this can also result in the problem of thinking your mixups are useful because they work on your weaker opponent, when in reality they would get owned by a high level player.

Generally if I want to pick up a new character, I either find an opponent that I know is very good with them and try to pick up things, or just watch match videos. Watching the match videos is probably more reliable, unless you can find an opponent as good as those people.

Scrubs…man oh man, I love when my boy jon abused gill in 3RD Strike once, constantly shooting cyro kinesis, and as i would super jump over it, HK .sweep me. Till i started psy-parrying that crap.

Nub-play does teach u alot it seems, i know after that day it made me realize 1) HK sweep is heavy nub-food, and 2) why does gill feel the need to show u his thong afterwards ?

thanks guys for all ur replies , some interesting ideas listed i hadn’t thought about

the only bad thing is u might have to dish out 20 bucks in quaters before u can see ur self improving vs the top players in ur arcade

heh probably even more since when i do most of my playing at home i use my hrap
and at the arcade i visit it’s a happ stick american layout buttons.

i was even considering investing in a MAS stick so i can practice on that too but i don’t know…

I think eventually, it’s practically impossible to improve on your own. If it’s anything you can improve on your own it’d probably be things like execution, counter pokes, combos, setups, etc.

But when it comes to things like zoning, mind games, mix ups, seeing flaws in your play style, it’s very necessary to find a human to practice against.

Also, getting used to participating in tournaments is something that’s often overlooked. Many people get nervous at big tournaments because they’re not conditioned to play in high pressure situations.

Just play everybody you can.

It’s probably better to play better players, but if somebody is way above your level you can’t figure out why you lost. I think it’s best to play against players you can sometimes beat, unlike somebody who will always smash you.

Then move up to the guys that just fuck you up.

Personally, I think the only game you can “learn” on your own is ST, depending on your style of play.

Also, if you cant figure out why you lost, ask. You may have just been beaten by someone willing to help you reach his level so that HE can get more serious competition out of you.

I get better by mimicking better players styles. So I watch alot of Japanese tournament videos and the like.

I think Popoblo can weigh in on this. He basically practices on his own, get’s far in tourneys, and then get’s owned.

i haven’t read all the posts, just wanted to add(sorry if i am repeating old posts…)

play against the beasts all day, nobody else.

nothing can benefit u more than having people who push u to learn priority, spacing, patience, match-ups and so on.

playing vs weaker players will allow you chances to win the game where u might not vs top comp. this is pretty misleading and can lead to you as a player wasting ur time.

If you’re losing EVERY game, GREAT, that means you have alot to work with(test ur moves vs the moves that they are hitting u with over and over, some games practice ur defence and blocking while they rush u down)

when you’re forced into careful play and forced to execute because of high lvl comp, you’ll learn more about the engine and the ways that you can adapt to individual players.

a bum with msp for example will give you too many chances to hurt his psylocke, while it’s funny to blow her up…It’s definetly not teaching you how nasty that can be when used carefully.

take ur beatings with a smile and appreciate the fact u have some concrete players to base your game off of.

keep in mind, losing a match is only a loss when you didn’t learn from what took place in that 1 game. focus on ur mistakes and nothing else, you’ll improve quickly.

also get ur defense up so you can have an easier time reading your opponents style.

ummm, one more thing, if you want somone to teach u, show them that u can listen and implement their advice, a good player will recognize that and show u whats good.