Do you occur more damage if you are crouching?

As I swear if you do Remy’s flash kick super and Uriens’s multi charging super and were ducking at the time, you lose more energy.

Is this for anything else or in general everything

P.S how much more do you lose

If you get hit while you’re crouching, you take more damage. I think it’s something like 125% or 150%, but I’m not sure. It’s definitely noticeable though. I think you take less damage if you’re airborne too (75%? 50%? Again, I’m not sure).

You take more damage but is only 25% more

why did capcom make a crouch damage increase in 3S? I guess to discourage people from turtling and blocking low all day. is that why?

your hitbox also becomes wider and you suffer more hitstun

Also, I think you mean “incur”.


since this thread is about damage penalties on crouching characters, i have a question.

in certain situations, a crouching character will get hit by say, Ken’s back + forward kick -> Shippu. my question is, will you get 25% more taken off on each hit of the super? reason i ask is because the character getting smacked is crouching only while back + forward and the first hit of Shippu connects. after the first hit of Shippu, the other character gets stood up for some reason. it’s the same with Chun’s Houyoukusen.

if y’all are willing, you can post if Ryu’s Shinshoryuken will do 25% more on each hit if you connect it on a crouching opponent. again, i’m wondering because once Shinsho hits, the opponent is pretty much off the ground.

what i’m pretty sure of though is that Shinkuu, Akuma’s Messatsu Gou Hadou and Dudley’s Corkscrew Blow all do 25% more on each hit of the super on crouching opponents because they remain crouching while the super is hitting.


only a few supers keep you crouched for their whole duration. Q’s and Urien’s SAI too have this property (and since they’re already damaging, the bonus is huge. too good against shoto scrubs who cHK all the day

No, the only hit that will get the damage bonus is the first hit of the super

yeah, only the 1st hit of sa3 will keep them crouching, after that it picks them up. the crouch diff is epescially useful for dudley when using sa3 because u know how the 1st hit does most of the damage anyway, you can see a signifigant damage increase in the super.

Actually because of the way damage scales in this game, only the first hit of a move gives 25% bonus, even if you stay crouching, you won’t necessarily see a net increase of 25%.

I had a huge thread showing the damage increase for every single super art in the game against crouching opponents, but deleted it when I learned the increase was not constant, but depended on the defense of the target.