Do you plan on buying the Season Pass?

So as you know, Capcom has recently announced that Street Fighter V is going to have a Season Pass system, where you pay once and get the whole pack of the next DLC character batch from the 2016 Season

Each character will be released every 2 months up until the end of 2016, which means that, in the overall mix of other possible additional content Capcom may be releasing, like Costumes, we will also be getting the roster expansion, which will keep the game running fresh and, as Capcom intends, will not make you feel bored of the game itself and make you want to return it, as well as it won’t discourage you from, say, leaving the game entirely for a year then coming back to it only to find yourself behind the curve when it comes to the content itself, which was the bane if SF4 with several versions (Vanilla, Super, AE, Ultra)

Optionally, you will either be able to buy the characters individually, or just grind them out in the game itself and purchase them from the in-game store via the Fight Money, essentially making all the DLC free, given if Capcom doesn’t set the prices too high (although one could argue 2 months should generally be just enough time if you play the game daily, which is further encouraged by the Daily Quests system taken straight out various F2P games, such as Hearthstone

As of Capcom’s announcement for the Zenny (premium in-game currency)…

  • 100 Zenny = Purchase for $0.99 / €0.99 / £0.79
  • 550 Zenny = Purchase for $4.99/€4.99/£3.99 (receive a 50 Zenny bonus)
  • 1200 Zenny = Purchase for $9.99/€9.99/£7.99 (receive a 200 Zenny bonus)
  • 4000 Zenny = Purchase for $29.99/ €29.99/£24.99 (receive a 1000 Zenny bonus)

Let’s also not forget that in the Beta 2, to unlock Kanzuki Estate stage you need 2000 Fight Money, and one Win in the Ranked matches gave you 50 Fight Money. So overall, should these values remain the same (and they probably won’t), to unlock just one stage - you had to win 40 matches

Supposedly, the final pricing should look something like this

  • Season Pass = 30$
  • 100 Zenny = 1$
  • Individual Character = 7-8$ or 700-800 Zenny
  • Individual Character = ~10000 Fight Money (or 200 matches won)

Given all of these options, which one would you prefer?
Just pay one time with your Real Money and get every new character as they are released?
Or grind it out in Online and buy them with your battle-earned Fight Money?
Or maybe purchase characters one-by-one as you see fit if some just don’t interest you at all?

Bear in mind that, if Capcom is going to have new Season Passes for 2017 character batches and beyond, you’ll have to pay another 30$ again next year, then another 30 in 2018, another 30 in 2019, and up until Capcom just stops expanding the roster as it feels happy with the cast members

Fight money all day. Im going to be playing a lot.

I plan on playing enough to just buy the characters with fight money. I’m not super hype about any of the 2016 DLC characters anyway, so I don’t really mind waiting.

If the season pass unlocks all the dlc characters from the start then maybe, but other than that I plan to grind it out. Kinda reminds me of the MVC 2 days on dc.

Not interested in all the DLC characters and don’t really care about costumes, won’t buy a seasons pass but I probably will buy a costume for my character if it’s extremely nice and can’t be bought with Fight Money.

No reason to not use Fight Money if you’re going to be playing a lot. I may buy costumes, but that’s about it.

Depends on how reasonable it is to grind out the fight money

I’m all about earning my Fight Money
but if 20,000 Fight money = 1$ then…
Basically like Noosetester said, if the ratio isn’t absurd then I actually don’t mind giving Capcom my money.
But if it is reasonable of course grinding will be what I do. once this game launches 4 is dead to me…lol

I’ll probably grind out characters and if I really want the character and don’t have enough saved up I’ll drop money that day for them. Only 2016 character I want is Juri, but if i can play enough to save up reasonably for a character every 2 months I’ll just hoard it.

Hopefully KOF animates a little less shit by the time it launches.

Just gonna grind. I only play fighting games and will probably only be playing SFV for a very long time. Got my new age 3S Chun, I’m good.

Going fight money, like a true warrior.

Grind it out. But I doubt it’ll be hard. Easily, one can win 200 matches in 2 months.

I’m only interested in getting Juri, so I’ll just grind it out.

Since I actually mained 3 of the 6 at some point in my life and since I want SF5 to succeed I will pay for the first season pass at least.

If you are gonna grind it out, do the matches you have to win have to be online matches, or can they be 1v1 vs. the cpu? Or can you earn them via playing matches in story mode?

if it’s only 200 matches won per character no problem, i’ll have credits for 15 years of sf5 in a few months

Fight money.

Fight Money all day. I love the old school feeling of unlocking characters. Reminds me of MVC2 and CVS1’s system of unlocking stuff.

While I personally loathe the concept of DLC, if SF5 strikes me as a complete and nicely presented product on release I actually feel $8 per DLC character (considering the work that goes into creating characters) is actually quite reasonable.

Splashing out for the DLC package in its entirely is something I actually see myself doing just so I can cut through the crap and get access to the characters to tinker both with and against in training mode. As Daemos has pointed out, a DLC purchase with money-money is also a means to show support for Capcom and the developers which I think (again, given their reasonable asking price) warrants the go ahead also. I’m a bit of a dick when it comes to criticism against Capcom, but at the same time I also support their efforts and contribution to the genre they defined and essentially lead by buying mates copies of their games. That is how developers stay alive and how their efforts are rewarded.

Hell, once the DLC characters are shown you also have to keep in mind that some (or maybe even all) might just plain be quite appealing and justify a must-buy regardless. DLC can be funny like that. Again, if the base product is a solid, polished and complete release on it’s own and DLC doesn’t strike me as borderline ‘required’ to render it acceptable they’ll likely get my money.

Grinding to utilise the Zenny system seems fun though and I suspect it would be strangely satisfying also. Perhaps it would be worth it to try grinding to get a feel for what level of effort is required for each unlock and decide thereafter if it’s something I’d be willing to keep doing.

My grind for Zenny will be used on other things… Costumes stages music and the such, I pay capcom the 30 bones to have the characters ready to go on release.

Also the support thing, I want to see this model success. So I guess I will be the sucker that pays money for the characters… (season 1 at least)