Do you plan supporting this scam?


6 “DLC” characters confirmed before the game’s even launched?

This is a scam. This is extorsion.

While the game looks good, I don’t plan on supporting this scam. I’ll buy the game in maybe 6-7 years when a complete Steam (or whatever system’s being used by that time) version is released. Not paying extra because of blackmailing.

Everyone planning buying the game, I’d like to know your points of view.


The game seems to be complete on release, unlike SFV. If the base roster has more than 36 characters, dlc will actually be complements instead of pieces that should be in at launch. Capcom is just being solid with their retardation by revealing the dlc this soon, and even more when making Sigma one of them. There’s no way in hell people will take it with good eyes, even if they will buy the Deluxe edition.


You should know that Injustice 2 and Tekken 7 are also extorting you if you have any interest in those games.


Of course it would be you…stop being so extra bitchmade.

It’s not a scam…and it’s not extortion.
They are not forcing you to buy their DLC.


Show of hands… How many of y’all thought I made this thread?

BTW… It IS terribly shitty that Mega Man fans are getting hit with the okie doke… *** AGAIN.***


Obligatory smartass “no, since it shows who makes the thread” comment


Injustice has 9 DLC characters and this one is the scam?

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You were one of the few I suspected…


raises hand

It is a scam, at the very least gross, but it’s not extortion.


I already knew who made it as soon as I saw the title.



Glad to see post launch support. It’s just a mistake for then to have shown it this early, and include a main story character.


Define “complete”.

Announcing DLC characters before the game is even out means that the game is not going to be “complete” on release.

Let’s be clear here, the game isn’t even out yet. They’re still developing it. But they’re also currently developing content alongside the development of the base game that they plan to release AFTER the game launches, just so they can charge extra for it. How the fuck is that a “complete” game at release? They deliberately held content back to release it as paid DLC. Do you know what complete means?


People need to start using the correct words.
This is neither a scam or extorsion.
Call it what it is, a bad business practice, or a shitty practice or whatever.

Saying that is a scam or extorsion is akin of those idiots that say that cat calling is another form of rape.
Is Idiotic.


He means feature-wise, with actual singleplayer content such as story mode (unlike SFV).

And DLC being developed alongside the game itself is sadly an industry standard. With this game, Disney/Marvel likely wants a cut from DLC sales, so DLC was an eventuality.


Scam? No. On-disc DLC? Yes. Even if it ends up not being on the disc, it may as well be. But while this was a huge deal when SFxT came out, these days it seems like the majority has decided that it’s okay. And why wouldn’t they? It’s not like people are actually going to boycott the game or DLC on principle. The reason Ubisoft, EA, Capcom, Konami, and others pull this is because they know they can. It’s like spitting in a starving child’s soup right in front of them.

But that doesn’t make it a scam.


SFxT also revealed the characters before confriming them as DLC.


So characters aren’t a “feature”?

Also, you’re basing the idea that story mode will be complete at launch on… what exactly?


The press release basically says the game is launching with Story, Arcade, and other stuff. It’s the #1 feature of the game.

Pretty sure this wasn’t the case with SFV. We were told a story mode was coming post launch, which is entirely different.



do something about it