Do you play a grappler in SSFIV? i need your help!

hey all,

i started playing a couple months ago, and i realized that i’m really bad against grapplers… so i’m looking for a trainer.

if you play a grappler (hakan, gief, hawk, fuerte, abel, even honda), and you’d be willing to train me, that’d be great. you could just analyze my play as we fight and you’d give me tips through your headset, i would really appreciate that.

not asking you to be super good at this game… just decent enough with grapplers, and willing to comment on my play as we fight. i need the tips!

if you’re willing, let me know your gamertag and we’ll set up some sessions.

(i play fei long, guy, and adon, btw :smiley: )

ps – i’m on the east coast

I main Rose, Ryu, and Balrog, but I can use Zangief, Abel, and T Hawk as well.

I’m down to help if you want. Gamertag is: anth0nygamer