Do you play better with certain character colors? What are your colors?

I was wondering do anyone here plays better or worse with different color selection.

I know I do a lot worse with different color selections and I don’t even know why.

I actually get annoyed when people are anal about colors.

Whenever I hear “YHO IZ TAKIN MAH COLURZ!” or “OH NOEZ, I PIKED RONG COLUR NAKO!” I wanna smash a face in. Then again, the only one around here who’s anal about colors is this one hella annoying POS dude. I think that may have something to do with it.

White Iori, Chun, Hibiki FTW. But no, it doesn’t really affect my gameplay.

doesnt affect gameplay by any means but…

yamazaki - 3p > hk > mk > lk > mp > 3K > def > hp

sagat - 3k > 3p > lk > whatever

Rugal > Mp > 3p > hk > mk > hp > lk > whatever

bison - mk only

blanka - mp or hp

sim - 3k or mk

kyo - mp

geese - really anything, all his colors are badass

i use pink and purple characters. so i can tell which character i am in all the chaos

as much as i love plum sakura (hk), red vega (mk), bumble bee vega (mk) and white bison (mk), i just can’t do as well with them as I do when using their default colors.

my colors are:

dark blue cammy (hp)
dark blue yamazaki (lk)
green C-sakura (mp)
black and white rock (kkk)
dark blue chun (if i ever use her)
pink nak (hk), then yellow nak (hp)

hp yama has to be the worst idea and color scheme for a costume ever.


lp sagat
hp Rolento/Guile
r2 Blanka
lk Chunli/yama
aaaaaaand mk Ryu (he doesnt have any purple :frowning:

Is that the purple outfit, green hair shit? That shit is gross.

I like to match colors, or have totally different colors for each char.

why so serious?

Light purple suit with green hair. Are you kidding me?

red sagat= random crazy movement sagat

3 punch color sagat= concentrate on footsie sagat

Default sagat= lose

3 punches sagat
3 kicks guile Kaki tanned guile.
mk Claw

The yama skin in question. I have to admit, it’s some ugly shiiit. Best looking skin in the game imo goes to geese here

That Yama isn’t as bad as Hibiki with those same colors, I think its PPP? God she looks UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGLY.

oh god, hibiki wins hands down.

I dunno…its close to me. Yama just looks like a punk skater and retarded. Hibiki looks ugly

geese mp for best costume in game

why so serious?

Gimme back my pencil! :mad:

you have to ask him how to perform the pencil magic trick, i’m sure he will show you :wgrin:

cammy - lk pink
chun - hp dark blue
hibiki - mp blue or hk green
bison - mp blue or lk black
yama - lk blue
ken - mp blue
iori - mp magenta
kyo - mp true black
geese - 3p red/black
sakura - 3k
vega - mp
the rest of the casts - any color is fine~